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What You Should Know Before You Take The Job [Infographic]

In order to avoid wanting to leave your job, you need to be fully aware of what you are signing up for in the first place. This infogaphic by Donna Svei from avidcareerist stresses the importance of employee satisfaction after landing a job and offers several great tips for every jobseeker. Focusing on the steps each jobseeker should take when looking for their next job, the infographic provides some helpful strategies and examples that will help you revise your job search techniques.

According to the infographic, you should:

  • Make sure your CV includes a written job description that outlines key responsibilities and achievements from previous job.
  • Ask employers why the position you are interested in is available and what happened to the last employee who held the position.
  • Learn more about what kind of attributes the employer looks for in candidates.  
  • Look up the company on LinkedIn and find out more information about them.
  • Google the company’s name.

The trick to knowing what you are committing yourself is to do your research about the organisation and find as much information as possible in regards to the position on offer as well as the company’s performance.

Check out this infographic brought to you by to get more tips on getting to know the job before you take it. 


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Get our FREE eBook!
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