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What Your Hobbies Tell Potential Employers About You


Hiring managers and job recruitment agencies view the hobbies on your CV as your mirror image – a reflection of who you are. It’s consequently possible to miss a job opening because your hobbies don’t match a specific personality trait or virtue. As a result, it pays to know whether the hobbies you pick during your job application processes can grant you access to the interview room and finally open the door for you to inspirational career opportunities.


This can be an interesting set of hobbies to have since cooking portrays you as an industrious person. You would, for instance, know how to improvise missing ingredients to get a meal ready and tasty, the same way you can work with minimal resources and produce outstanding results.

Playing Chess

Chess players are articulate planners. They think long-term and they are never scared of making a couple of mistakes provided that they can pull a heart trick and win the game in style. Chess, therefore, paints you as a strategic thinker who calculates risks and make decisive career moves.


Gifted fishermen understand the benefit of patience. They maintain focus, keep all their senses alert, and leave nothing to chance. Fishing is therefore a good hobby to have on your CV if you’re applying for a supervisory role or if the job requires you to have a lengthy concentration span.


Every athlete’s dream is to break a record; hence, they set goals and strive to attain them. It’s a good hobby to pick when applying for jobs that require you to meet specific targets.

Community Work

If you find community work attractive as a hobby, then you can manage affairs on a grand scale. The hobby shows your ability to network and your genuine love for people – making it suitable when applying for managerial career openings.

Crossword Puzzles

Most people who spend time trying to figure out crossword puzzles are either wordsmiths or problem-solvers. They usually also display an array of strong communication skills which may include writing or public speaking.


Career openings which involve research work suit people who uphold reading as a hobby. Reading also helps you to land jobs in dynamic industries with frequent change in policies, concepts and principles such as law and the tech world.


Craftsmen are known to be ingenious when it comes using their hands to get things done. Building and construction as well as carpentry and metal work enterprises are usually in search of people with craftsmanship

Hunting and Karate

Hunting and karate may look good on your CV if you’re thinking of joining the police force or the army. It can also help you get security firm jobs given that they need these skills to flash out criminals in different terrains and situations. These hobbies also show that you keep fit and you’re ready to work in hardship areas.

Lying about your hobbies on your CV can negatively impact your career. It can set you up for future embarrassment traps which may in turn make people who have seen your CV take you for a dishonest person.

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