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When Video Conferencing Goes Wrong [Video]

No meeting ever goes as planned. But what happens with video conferencing? Is meeting online for the better or not? The video can answer the question.

Technology – and more specifically video, has created so many different ways for us to carry out our work. When working remotely, video connects you with your colleagues and allows you to join important meetings without being in the same physical space. In this way, it helps you maintain contact with your peers, keeping you connected at all times.

But, in many ways, video can never replace the real thing. A virtual conference may put every member of the team on a screen, but this doesn’t ensure that it will be a productive meeting. This video from Tripp and Tyler points out the disadvantages of having a video conference. The downsides include wasting valuable time on getting everyone ready - adjusting mics, volume and other technical problems and distractions that may arise.

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Check out this video and let me know what you think about video conferences. Have you ever participated in one? How did it go? Let me know in the comment section…

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