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When You Just Won’t Quit (Your Job Obviously)

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Ok this isn’t like the song “Don’t Stop, Don’t Quit” we are talking about serious non-club but job related matters. So, you don’t want to quit your job?

Now that is quite a conundrum, isn’t it? Especially if administration are pulling out all the stops to make you quit, from verbal abuse, to increase workload and even lowering your salary (if you were careful when signing your contract then this won’t be an option). But you are holding on like Bull Terrier holds on to a milk bone (for those that don’t know anything about bull terriers, that’s hard). So what do you do when you come to this sort of impasse? Well, let’s take a look at what happens when you just won’t quit.

Straight Forward

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If you are feeling a fair amount of hostility coming down through the upper ranks of your organization, then you just might want to talk to one of them and ask why. A straight forward approach will most likely yield the best answers and maybe even open the floor to negotiation. Say they want you to resign (so their unemployment tax rate doesn’t increase) but they are available to offer you a generous severance package for your troubles…you know hush money if you will. On the other hand if they aren’t offering you anything and coercing into quitting might actually be illegal or can be the same as being fired. Getting fired guarantees you some sort of unemployment benefits that inadvertently your employer will pay for. Of course this is considering that you haven’t done anything to warrant your termination, because a warranted termination carries much lower to no unemployment benefits. If you aren’t sure what your rights are, consult with a lawyer that specializing in workers’ rights.


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If you are feeling heat from upper or middle management it might just be because you aren’t doing your job to your full capacity. Again the best way to assess this and get answers is by approaching them directly. Ask administration or human resources if they are satisfied with your performance and if they are not, what you can do to amend it. Sometimes you must reopen a feedback loop that has been closed. On the other hand, it might give you some insight into why they are frustrated, it might even be completely unrelated to you and your work. Say profits are dropping and upper management is putting pressure on middle management and middle management is in turn putting pressure on you. Maybe the company is being restructured and the uncertainty is getting to your boss and your boss’s boss. Whatever the case may be hopefully it will help you put into context the source of your frustrations.

Keep Your Ear To The Ground

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We’ve spoken in multiple articles on our website about the importance of keeping your ear to the ground or being aware of the things being said around the office. Knowledge is power, and although that saying is a horrible cliché, it’s true. Why is it power? Take this hypothetical situation for example; Say you work in an Advertising agency and the company just lost a significant and very profitable client. Now the agency is looking to trim their budget to adjust for that…so the admins are trying to get rid of non-essential or employees with little experience. In this case you won’t be able to ask for much in the form of severance…take what you can and go. On the other hand, if you find that the company is expanding and new administrative positions are being opened, positions you would be perfect for…there might be an ulterior motive like your immediately higher up vying for the same position and being threatened by your credentials and qualification. Unfortunately, in this situation, you will not really be able to prove anything since these are just motivations…nothing tangible that would stand up in court. So you are left with the choice to either hold on and take the punishment in the hopes that the new position will put you on the same plane with your torturous supervisor, or they be moved to the new position and you will be free of their oppressive “regime”. In this case you might want to avoid saying anything to anyone, especially if your “aggressor” hasn’t shown an aggression that other people have witness, as you’ll just come off as accusatory.

The Break Up Metaphor

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So, quitting or getting fired from a job is a lot like having a romantic breakup. Some are simple and leave all parties involved smiling and some result in people getting stabbed in the leg with forks. Why is this significant? Well, it will stipulate even further how much leverage you will have during your exit strategy. Say the company wants to preserve a relationship in which you will work for them as an external contractor or consultant. This will give you extraordinary amounts of leverage…they want to keep you happy so you can still be friends. Now on the other hand if your company doesn’t want anything to do with you after the “break up” you just might want to take what’s being offered and go on your marry little way because that’s all they intend on giving you anyway.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were being forced out of a position you didn’t want to give up? Let us know in the comment section below.

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