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Where to Find Your New Employee

With e-recruitment steadily rising in popularity among recruiters worldwide, the use of online candidate search mediums has also increased. A staggering 60% of new hires are said to be a result of referrals or online job boards, whilst the remaining 40% are found through specialized mediums such as social media sites, online recruitment agencies, 3rd party searches and graduate schemes.

Finding a new employee that not only boasts the necessary skills and expertise to perform the job well, but also fits into the organization ‘culturally’ is quite the task!

Here are some of the most effective mediums to use when searching for your ideal new recruit…

#1 Online recruitment sites

  • Most candidates will register with relevant online recruitment agencies in order to gain exposure and enhance their employment prospects. This is therefore one of the best ways of searching for qualified candidates!
  • Register as a recruiter on some of the most relevant recruitment sites e.g. if you are looking to fill a marketing position, register as a recruiter on a recruitment site that specializes in marketing positions; this will enable you to target the right candidates.
  • Not only will signing up to online sites assist you in finding suitable employees, but it will help to build your brand identity as a recruiter; thus enabling job seekers to find you too!

#2 Referrals

  • Ask your current employees, business associates, and any other credible contacts you have, if they know of a suitable candidate to fill your vacant position.
  • Some of the best hires come from referrals, and with a recommendation from someone you know and trust, you can be sure that your new hire will impress!
  • Referrals have become the most favored method of recruiting by companies as it cuts out the standard candidate search and typically long winded interview process, thereby cutting costs and saving time.

#3 Social Media

  • The popularity of social media is advancing at a rapid pace, with LinkedIn and Facebook taking the lead in the e-recruitment industry. It is advisable to set up professional company profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter, in order to reach a wider target market and attract quality candidates.
  • Social media will allow you to take a more informal approach to your hiring strategy, which in many ways is attractive for both the recruiter and the candidates. Not only will social networking allow for flexible communications, but also it allows both sides to get creative and spice up the typically boring recruitment process.
  • LinkedIn remains the favored social networking site to find new recruits.


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