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JOB SEARCH / JUN. 07, 2013
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Where to look for an executive job

In today’s turbulent economic environment, aspiring executives need to be proactive during their job search. Competition is at an all-time-high and organizations get hundreds of applications from highly successful candidates. Therefore, executives need to utilize every resource available to enhance their prospects and be more effective in landing an interview.

Some of the most efficient resources to utilize during your executive job search are:

Online Job Hunt

Executives should begin their job search by exploiting the vast opportunities provided by the internet. They can perform online job searches, as well as search for job openings on job search websites, online newspapers and professional networking sites. Moreover, during their online search they can filter by industry, position level, location and salary in order to spot the right position for them based on their requirements and aspirations.

Recruitment Consultancies

It is highly recommended to seek professional help in order to ensure that you have access to the best executive job openings available. There are a number of professional consultancy firms to employ that specialize in executive-level job opportunities. Primarily, these opportunities will not appear elsewhere. Moreover, professional consultancies have online platforms where individuals can register and perform their job search through their advanced database. They can search across the globe for interesting job postings; refine their search by entering job filters and obtain valuable information from their knowledge bases with regards to everything they need to know concerning the recruitment procedure.

Traditional Mediums

Traditional mediums like financial newspapers, business magazines and trade journals remain prevalent for executive job hunting. Individuals still use them to a great extent to look for high-level managerial job openings. In addition, they can gain specialized insight regarding the most recent market trends and consider career opportunities that they may not have thought about before. Finally, they can filter through them to find contacts in order to send out speculative CVs.


Finally, executives can draw on their contact base in order to find people in strategic positions to help them with their career endeavors. In many countries around the world, social networking is considered to be the most effective means of landing a job. It is advisable to carry out a set of phone calls in order to locate the right persons that could help you get in touch with other people working for the organizations you are interested in.

Executives should be resourceful during their job search and utilize all of the above mentioned methods in order to maximize their prospects of securing an executive job interview and eventually land the job of their dreams.



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