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Where to Look for Candidates

Preparing to hire employees for a position can be a daunting task that is often further pressured by time and financial constraints. It is necessary to proceed with caution when looking for candidates, as it is vital to find a smaller number of high quality candidates, over a large amount of standard ones. Hiring the right candidate is fundamental, particularly in today’s difficult economic crisis, and therefore it is important to begin your search with common sense and logic, in order to end up with the best result.

Online recruitment platforms

Due to the huge growth in demand, there are numerous online jobsites available that enable you to sign up, post job vacancies and search for candidates quickly and easily. These jobsites provide access to thousands of potential candidates, and facilitate the process by providing refined search criteria (such as level of experience, or the type of contract, for example). They save time and effort, as the majority of the work is already done for the recruiter. These sites also allow recruiters to create job postings and outline their specific requirements in the posting.

Social networking sites

There are numerous social networking sites that facilitate professional networking and give recruiters access to thousands of potential candidates at their fingertips. Major sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter enable recruiters to find employees efficiently and professionally.

Job search aggregators

A job aggregator is essentially a job board that provides an idea of the jobs available and the type of candidates looking for work. They evolved out of the huge growth in demand for online jobsites, with an aim to provide users with a comprehensive list of jobs compiled from all relevant job sites. There are a number of major job aggregators available that most candidates go to when seeking employment. By ensuring that your job posting is easily visible on these platforms, you will be one step closer to finding the ideal candidates.

Graduate job fairs

Graduate job fairs are the ideal place to find experienced, knowledgeable and passionate candidates. These fairs enable employers to meet ambitious graduates and are known for attracting the best talent. Graduates from all walks of life attend job fairs and this is therefore an excellent way to meet a variety of candidates, obtain their CVs and contact them for future recruitment opportunities.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are often highly regarded by job seekers and are particularly useful if you are looking for candidates within a particular industry. There are numerous recruitment agencies available to sign up with, each featuring their own regulations and terms of contract. It is recommended to find a recruitment agency that matches your company needs, as this will facilitate the recruitment process. Recruitment agencies often save you the hard graft: all you have to do is sign up with them, contact them when a vacancy is available, describe the criteria of the position, and await their feedback. They are also responsible for carrying out the aptitude tests so you do not have to carry out this stage.

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