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White Space in Your Day Can Boost Productivity and Energy

Every day we try to dig deep to keep ourselves going to meet our responsibilities. Between personal and professional duties, it is rare that we find a solid work/life balance that allows us to give both sides equal attention. In fact, in most cases, our personal lives take a back seat to the professional lives we must live just to be somewhat successful.

The Reduction of White Space

In this video, a little is discussed about the importance of what they call “white space”. Essentially, scheduling time in your day to unwind. This is not a new idea by any means, but one that is quickly disappearing. Decades ago, people worked 9-5 with a paid lunch hour in many cases. These days, lunch is taken off the clock and the 9-5 has moved to 9-6, or longer. While it may be understandable from a business perspective to not pay employees for their lunch hour, the issue is that extra hour you are at work each day.

Few people have the ability to drive back home and enjoy a little time with family during that hour period. This also means that people are coming home a little later in the day, after a day that is at least an hour longer than it used to be. So finding the time to balance your personal life and your professional life is far from easy.

Spain, once a country dedicated to the siesta, has even started to fall into this new style of life. As you can read here the country still enjoys a late night life and a mid-day break, but it seems to be falling a bit from favor. So, when a country that has always been so dedicated to a siesta starts to fade, how do you find white space in your own life?

Finding White Space

The easiest answer is to simply schedule some white space into your day. This may be a 30 minute break that you take at some point to take a short walk or an hour, outside of lunch, where you can get out and catch a breath of fresh air. If you live close to family, you may look at changing your schedule to visit them for an hour during the day where possible. The key is to find a balance in your life in which you can take a short break to do that thing that resets you for the rest of your day.

The answer will be different for each individual. In the video, working out is the speakers key focus, and if he can’t do it in the morning, he will find time later in the day. You simply need to find that same ability. Maybe playing a game or watching a show on your phone is the right answer, and finding the time is all that is required. If you are not in a position to set your own schedule, it may be worth talking with your supervisor to see if there is a way to work out a short break in the middle of the day for you to go reset. That reset will keep you focused through the day, reset you and give you the energy boost you need to continue working as hard as possible until the closing bell rings. 


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