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Why Apple Watch could be the 'Dearly Device' for Business Tomorrow

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Apple’s version of a smartwatch promises to offer more for your business. To begin with, Apple Watch can show notifications from your phone right on the display of your Apple Watch, helping you be aware of every single alert. Technically, the smartwatch can help you set reminders or make notes quicker than your phones.

The Apple Watch also flaunts many killer features that you won’t see with its rivals. It is custom designed to work with Apple’s new service – Apple Pay. So what difference can the new wearable device from Apple make to your business? Here are 4 key business features offered by Apple Watch.

#1 Keeping track of your alerts and notifications becomes easier

Sometimes, there is a fair chance that you miss a notification or an alert on your phone. But with a smartwatch like the Apple Watch buzzing on your wrist every time an alert comes, that is not the case. The smartwatch can grab any alert/notification from your iPhone and deliver it to your hand, making it easier. The device can show you emails, text messages, reminders and calendar notifications.

The feature is particularly very useful for business users who cannot afford to miss a meeting or a message. It also serves people who drive frequently – turning your wrist around is easier than pulling your phone from the pocket and using them.

#2 Apple Pay offers more flexibility to your customers

People with business backgrounds would be eagerly waiting to see what the new Apple Pay offers. The Apple Watch could offer your customers an easy and innovative way to pay bills through their smartphones. Your customers no more have to swipe plastic cards or fork over cash.

Apple is reported to have partnered with MasterCard, American Express and Visa to get its service going. If Apple’s attempts become a hit, it could show the way for Google Wallet and other similar services.

#3 Voice commands enhances hands-free operations

Apple Watch follows the iPhone path and lets you use every function, totally hands-free. All your dictated notes and commands stay right on your wrist. Notes and reminders stored in your Apple Watch are synced to your phone automatically. No buttons, no touch screens; you can use them as you are driving or doing any other action using both your hands.

#4 A more functional device than Android wearable solutions

Yes, wearable devices have existed even before the release of Apple Watch. But their functions are limited. Android smartwatches mainly focus on voice commands and notifications. In comparison, Apple Watch allows you to launch apps right from the home screen.

Apple developers have several applications for their smartphone. Some of these can help you run your business efficiently. The Twitter app is one such example. You can check you brand’s status on the social media platform right on your wrist. With the American Airlines app on your wrist, you can now check in with just one tap.

This is just the beginning and it looks like Apple has gone one step ahead with the introduction of its first wearable device. There’s a long way to go and smartwatches could define the future of business.

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