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Why Bonding With Your Boss Is The Best Career Move You Can Make

So, you have been at this job for a couple of months now, and you are starting to notice that your supervisor is actually a really cool person; you even sometimes think about hanging out with him outside the office. He seems to be very friendly, has similar work goals, is approachable, and you have a very similar taste of (bad) humour- you could practically be best pals.

But what happens if he is the boss and you are just an employee? Could you really bond with your boss without making it look as if you are brown-nosing? And could this help with your career?

Keep reading to find out why bonding with your boss is very beneficial for your career.

Powerful Friend

You may have other friends at work who are your coworkers, but being friends with your boss gives you significant power - they could help you get out of sticky situations. Beyond that, you never know when this may come in handy in the future. For example, you may be interested in getting promoted or even landing a job somewhere else. Your boss/cool new friend could be a great referral and a strong networking link to find an internal or external opportunity.

They’ll Know Your Work Ethic

All bosses are usually very busy, with a lot of different tasks in their head and a bunch of employees to manage. So, since you are not the only one working for them, they may not know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. So, if you don’t connect with them they may never discover your achievements or work ethic. Therefore, make sure to be active and connect with them; ask them to meet for weekly or monthly reviews, update them on the projects you are working on, your goals and accomplishments and find, in return, what they may be expecting of you.

Easier to Talk to Them

When you have a super strict and impersonal boss, it’s very difficult to initiate a discussion about asking for a raise. However, if you have an open and relatively friendly relationship with your boss, that talk is much more comfortable - you could think of it as a talk about your professional development. If you have already built a strong relationship with them, it wouldn’t be awkward or weird to ask something for your career such as a raise, more training, or more responsibilities.

How Do You Pull it Off?


But, how do you manage to build a genuine relationship with your boss without becoming a brown-noser, a sycophant or be seen as taking advantage of them?

Invite Them For Coffee

Depending on your office environment and boss, you could ask them out to do something casual like going out for coffee, or if they don’t like coffee you could suggest a quick walk to get some fresh air. Then you could start off with some light topics - they don’t have to be about business, but try to stay away from really personal matters. You could ask them about their weekend, any upcoming holiday plans and make sure to offer yours back. Show them that you enjoy their company (company as in companionship).

Remember Your Coworkers

But don’t forget about your coworkers. You were friends before that, so make sure to keep that friendship going and don’t neglect them as soon as you form a strong friendship with your boss or else they will start with the office gossip. Just remain a great team player with them at all times, keep it down when you have departmental meetings and show them that you also got their back.

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What about you? Are you friends with your boss? How is that working out for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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