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CVS / JUL. 10, 2013
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Why Bullet Points on your CV get you Noticed

From fast food to fast cars, in today’s world everything is delivered at a fast pace since there is no longer any time left to wait and be patient. Recruiters have tight deadlines to meet and hire talent in short periods of time; therefore the pressure is onto job seekers – to write better, engaging and all-encompassing CVs.

It is time to deliver your professional identity in a coherent and interesting manner in order to land the job of your dreams. One of the most effective methods of getting your point across is through using bullet points. They look aesthetically appealing on your CV and allow the recruiter to obtain necessary information through one quick glance.

Here are some ways you can use bullet points on your CV to get a job interview:


When listing your experiences at previous employments, job seekers are able to include bullet points to include their responsibilities. The primary purpose of the bullet points is to provide a snapshot of your duties at the previous company – whether they are your daily tasks or monthly responsibilities.

Another place where you can comply with bullet points is in the ‘achievements’ section of your CV. List your honors and awards in a concise manner, without offering too much information. Remember to keep the bullet points as short to make them readable.


The skills section of the CV is often considered to be the most important since many professions require a particular skill set. For example: a graphic designer would include ‘Photoshop’, ‘illustrator’ and ‘gimp’ in their skill set as they are required to use such software to perform their jobs.

Make sure that you include a full list of your skills to demonstrate that you are a capable candidate. Get the best keywords and industry related jargon into your skills section to catch the attention of recruiters who are skimming your CV.


Listing interests and hobbies is usually the last section of your CV. While many job seekers do not bother with including this section at all, many take the liberty to be creative to grab the attention of the employer.

If your interests are “sleeping” and “smelling” then don’t bother listing them since it will just be a waste of space. Keep the information related to the position you are applying for, for example: for a travel agent position, interests would include “travel”.  

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