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Why Can a Freelance Dry Spell Mean Good Things for Your Business?

The biggest fear of any freelancer is the work drying up without any warning. This will happen sooner or later, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now the world of freelancing splits into two camps. You have the people who run around desperately trying to find someone to pay them to do something. On the other hand, you have the people who can see the benefits of a freelancing dry spell.

 Let’s take a look at why a dry spell could just be what you need to rejuvenate your business.

A Chance to Reach Out

Unfortunately, when we’re working we tend to forget about the people who don’t give us work. Past clients disappear and you begin to forget about those who came before. When the work dries up, it gives you ample opportunity to get in touch with them again. There’s no shame in doing it. You won’t be seen as someone who crawls back when the going gets tough.

On the contrary, this is the right time to do it. You may find an even more lucrative project by doing so.

New Avenues for Work

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you have a constant stream of work coming in. You treat freelancing almost as a full-time job because you don’t have to worry about finding new projects. When work starts to become thin on the ground, you learn about the true spirit of freelancing all over again.

You can now use this time to explore avenues you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.  It can actually lead to more profitable avenues, so in this time of difficulty you’ve gained more. See a dry spell as a chance to seek out more profitable projects.

Organise and Reassess

When work is flooding in you soon realise you only have so much time. Most of the time, the organisation of your business is the first aspect to fall by the wayside. When you finally have some free time available again, you can use it to update your business. Has your website gone stale? Do you have something better to add to your portfolio?

It doesn’t have to involve something that actively grows your business. Some people use this time to assess their finances and work on their taxes for the coming year. This is all time that can be gained back later on because now you actually have the free time to do it. You aren’t going to struggle to keep up with a rush of work and admin later on.

See times like this as an opportunity to reorganise and tidy your virtual desk.

What about Market Changes?

On the other hand, when the work starts to drain away you have to look to the future of your profession. Whilst most temporary stalling is nothing more than bad luck, prolonged periods of you sat in your chair twiddling your thumbs could indicate your industry has undergone major change that you’ve missed out on.

Use this free time to find out what’s going on. Look at the market and see if anyone else has experienced the same problems. If you’ve noticed a lot of your colleagues have started to have problems with finding work, it may show that you need to point your business in a different decoration.

Only you know your niche best. If you’re working in a niche that was only ever designed to take advantage of a trend or a fad, this may be the time to move on. If so, it’s time to start altering your strategy and moving forward to a better niche.

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