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Why Celebrities Use Social Media [Infographic]

celebrities social media infographic
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Why are celebrities so involved in social media? And how do they use it? This infographic, by Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes, attempts to give us some answers.

The company analysed the social media accounts of a number of celebrities to identify the most important reasons why celebrities used social media:

Why Celebrites Use Social Media

  • To keep their fans up to date with their lives
  • As a medium for obtaining feedback
  • To market their brands or others’ that they are endorsing
  • To get even more adoration from their fans ( referred to as “increasing fan loyalty”)
  • To increase awareness of their brand/s.

Personal Brand

Cynics would argue that there is, in fact,  only one reason (not five) why celebrities are on social media: to strengthen their stock. Social media is a crucial part of building their personal brand, and they employ legions of PR/social media experts to help them harvest and cultivate followers on social media sites.


Social media is nothing more than an exercise in vanity, the cynics would assert, a barometer of their popularity and as such, a powerful deal maker. Celebrities’ experts perform their duties so expertly, so deftly, that many of their followers are suckered into believing that they really are part of Kim Kardashian’s inner circle. After all, they even know what baby North had for breakfast: proof!

Social Media Manipulation

Celebrities themselves work so hard to convince the rest of us that we really are their friends. Posting cutesy family snaps, sharing intimate details about their relationships and other bits and bobs carefully calibrated to show themselves in the best possible light.

Of course, they are just as deceived as we are by the faux relationship building. Put a foot wrong (the celebrities, that is) and it won’t take long for trolls among their followers to smell fresh blood and pounce on their once-beloved celebrities, fingers of condemnation at the ready:

“God I wonder what Twitter is going to say now? I’m not even on.

Do you follow any celebrities online? Have you ever been suckered into believing you are their friend?

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