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Why Facebook is Still Worth Your Time & How to Use It

Facebook has to face challenges on all fronts. With so many diverse social networks in the offing, businesses are actively questioning whether they should continue using it. We believe it’s still worth your time and we’re going to show you how to use it properly. Read on to find out:

4 Reasons to Use Facebook Today

Despite the lack of organic reach through Facebook, there are still four powerful reasons as to why you should continue to use it. We go through them here:

#1 Everyone’s Engaged

Most people still have a Facebook page or account. They may not use it as often, but Facebook still holds the biggest active user base in the world. Every company still goes through the ritual of setting up accounts on Facebook and Twitter. They know it’s still a major part of establishing themselves in their industry, and that’s why you can still take advantage of it.

#2 Forcing Great Content

Whilst you should always focus on making great content, Facebook still forces you to do so. The comparatively low organic reach still has some life left in it. If you aren’t making awesome content, you won’t take advantage of any of this reach, and Facebook’s algorithms will make sure of it. If you can craft great content, you can still get fantastic results without spending a thing.

#3 Connecting with Customers

Okay, you don’t appear in the feeds of your audience as often, but you can still connect with customers. Customers can still actively search you out manually. By cutting yourself off from Facebook, you’re ending a line of communication with your customer base.

#4 1.32 Billion Users

That’s right, this is the number of active users on Facebook. This doesn’t include dormant and inactive accounts. It’s the number of people logging in on a regular basis. With access to such a large audience, it makes little sense to give up on Facebook now.

How to Use Facebook the Right Way

#1 Review Your Strategy

Start by reviewing the strategy you’re using if you aren’t getting the results you want. A good Facebook strategy should involve quality content multiple times per week. Try upgrading from twice a week to four times a week. Post some original content and try repurposing it a few weeks later to see if it gets better engagement. See what your audience is engaging with.

#2 Images in Link Previews

Studies have shown that images always get better interaction than text-based status updates. Whenever you post a link to something, always make sure that you’ve got an image of some sort in the preview. This helps with making your status stand out in a sea of different posts.

#3 Extra Engagement Effort

Always respond to your audience within hours of them posting something. It’s essential that you make it clear there’s a human behind the account. Show them the respect they deserve by responding promptly with a useful answer. Word of mouth spreads quickly (for all the right and wrong reasons), so make sure you treat your audience in the right way.

#4 Buy an Ad

Sometimes the free options on the table aren’t the best. They aren’t netting you what you need. In this case, consider breaking out the dollars and spending some money on a Facebook advertisement. Use Facebook’s Power Editor program and figure it out before spending any money. You will have to carry out ad testing to make sure you’re on the right track, but an ad can give you the boost you need to get people to your page.

Take note, Facebook ads are really a learning process. You may well have to spend weeks trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.


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