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Why Graduates are the Best Hire for Recruiters!

Many recruiters in today’s unstable and bleak economic market have shied away from hiring graduates, and this has been felt in many countries across the globe with graduate unemployment rates soaring. It is apparent that recruiters are opting for experience over new skills and qualifications, and as such, are favoring experienced professionals rather than fresh graduates.

However, recruiters should realize the potential and advantages of hiring graduates. Some of the main benefits of recruiting graduates are listen below:

Ability to reach valuable demographics

Companies who have a young target market (18-25 year olds) will find that graduate employees have a greater influence and access to this target market.

Fresh ideas and perspectives

Graduate employees can give a new perspective on business processes and marketing plans, and provide a new angel when participating in business meetings.

Social media savvy

With most graduates being between 21-29 years of age, their presence on social media is almost guaranteed. Most graduates will have a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account; all of which are considered to be essential to effective marketing campaigns.

Confident and motivated to learn

Graduates are the opposite of experienced professionals in that they are eager to learn new things rather than show off the skills and knowledge they have already acquired. Employers who are keen to hire enthusiastic and motivated individuals should therefore take a chance and recruit a graduate. Essentially, graduates are often still in ‘leaning mode’ and seek to learn every aspect of the company and its methods.

Willingness to travel


Graduates rarely have family commitments or a mortgage to restrict them from relocating or traveling internationally with their job. This means that as an employer, you have much more flexibility with a graduate employee than you would with someone who has a family to care for.  

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