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Why Graduates Make Excellent Employees

Graduates make excellent employees for a number of reasons. Depending on the company, its industry and the specific job, a graduate employee is often considered more suitable than a candidate with many years of experience under their belt. In some companies, top graduates are headhunted for positions due to their online/social media presence, while in others, graduates are sought for their understanding of specific target markets.

Here are some of the main reasons why graduates make the best employees…

#1 Ability to reach valuable demographics

Companies often find it difficult to reach target markets of those who are 18-25 year olds; graduates are usually around this age themselves, and as such have a good understanding of what appeals to this particular market.

#2 Social media savvy

With the rapid growth of social media in business development and marketing, possessing the skill of being able to integrate social media as a marketing tool is highly valued by employers. Most 18-25 year olds will have a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account; all of which are considered to be essential to effective marketing campaigns.

#3 Fresh ideas and perspectives

Graduates can provide a new perspective on business processes, marketing plans and other internal/external procedures a company has in place. Due to the fact that graduates usually have no previous experience of training in relation to their first job, they will have an open minded approach to developing new systems and ideas.

#4 Willingness to travel

Graduates do not usually have commitments such as their own family or mortgage to restrict them from relocating or traveling internationally with their job. This is an appealing factor for many employers who need to reply on someone who can jump on a flight without hesitation.

#5 Confident and motivated to learn

Graduates are known for their enthusiasm in the workplace, and this is largely because they are eager to progress and to show their manager that they are capable of doing the job, and more. With 4 years of university education behind them, graduates are often still in ‘leaning mode’ and seek to learn every aspect of the company and its methods. Confidence is key in most working environments, and having the ability to ask questions and propose new concepts is something which graduates are great at.


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