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Why Hire an Intern

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Hiring an intern can offer numerous advantages to any company. While some businesses may not see the potential worth of an intern, in reality, they can bring exceptional value. Furthermore, as the current economic crisis continues to affect many countries across the globe, this could be the perfect opportunity to make full use of an intern.

There are numerous reasons why you should hire an intern, some of which are outlined below:


Hiring an intern is an exciting opportunity for any individual who is (usually) either currently studying or fresh out of college or university. These individuals are desperate to make a lasting impression, as essentially, they are there in the hope that they will ultimately be offered a position of employment. As these individuals have very little, or no, experience working in an office environment, you will also be able to mould them relatively easily within a short space of time.

New Talent

Interns bring a fresh perspective to a company and offer new ways of looking at things. They bring passion, dedication and a keenness to learn, and may give an insightful and interesting perception on a matter that has yet to be acknowledged. Generally speaking, interns are either in the midst of their studies or have just completed them, and have therefore just been exposed to the latest and most innovative ideas, thoughts and creations. They will therefore be desperate to bring their ideas to the table and demonstrate their creativity, maturity and intelligence.

Cost-effective Personnel Solutions

Interns are usually hired for a short period of time (for example, during the summer break) and in many countries they are not paid for the experience. They are therefore able to fill gaps within areas of great need to your organisation in a cost-effective manner, whilst providing a ready-made workforce solution. Interns can be utilised within a number of departments and if there are circumstances where an employee has not turned up for any reason, an intern can stand in and support that department.

Recruitment Opportunity

Internships are an excellent way to get a feel for somebody’s skills and abilities, and to see if that person’s personality fits within the company or department. If the intern is enjoying their placement and has merged well with the employees and the company’s culture, then this could be an excellent recruitment opportunity.

Save on Training

Hiring an intern who becomes a successful candidate means that they will not require any intensive training once they have been permanently hired.

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