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Why Hire Freelancers over Full-Time Employees?

Having a fulltime workforce that can perform every task and project that may come up in your business would be ideal for company owners who could then rest assured that the work is being done to high standards, by the right people, using the best resources. However, for most companies, having the right employee for every little task, or simply having the time and resources to spend on certain projects is near impossible to achieve. This is where freelancers can help.

Freelancers can be enlists for a broad range of services and tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Website design and maintenance
  • Copywriting/proofreading/editing
  • Sales
  • Data entry
  • Accounting
  • Media and design






There are many benefits to hiring freelance workers;   hiring another full time employee would force the company to spend more each month, and designating a department’s time and energy onto one particular task could mean that other ongoing work would suffer.

Below are some of the main benefits of hiring freelance workers:

Allows time to focus on ongoing work

Hiring freelancers to take care of certain tasks or projects will essentially free up internal staff to focus on current tasks in hand and ongoing work.

Cost effective

The projects and tasks you have may not be a regular occurrence, and each project may change in terms of the specialization of the individual required to perform the task. It is therefore more cost effective to hire freelancer workers as opposed to hiring a new employee, as you will only be required to pay out whenever a task has been completed. There are also no overhead costs to consider.

Time efficient

Freelancers will usually focus solely on the project you have requested from them, and as such, can complete the tasks in a shorter period of time. Freelancers are also not eligible for sick pay or paid leave; therefore you only pay for the days worked.

Quality work

The freelance market is competitive, and as such, enables companies to choose from a wide experience pool before selecting the most appropriate candidate for the project.

No need to purchase tools

Freelancers will usually possess their own tools to complete the project successfully, meaning that there is no requirement on the hiring company to provide the resources, tools or any other facilities for the freelancer to carry out their activity.



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