LEADERSHIP / JUN. 16, 2016
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Why It’s Time to Take Millennial Leaders Seriously [Video]

Even though millennials are constantly being judged on their work ethic, most of them are doing a pretty good job . So, why not give them our support?

Millennials often get a bad rap. The word ‘millennial’ is simply a term that is used to describe a specific group of people defined by age and means. It doesn’t mean being lazy, self-absorbed or wasteful – behaviours that millennials are often associated with – any more than baby boomer does, and there is much proof of that.  

In this video, one of the three millennial CEOs, Kegan Schouwenburg says that she doesn’t identify herself as a millennial, but she believes that ‘building the world that you want to live in’ will help create a better version of it; one that is empowered by people and facilitates progress. This example can tell us a lot about what our future leaders are thinking and what they are planning to do to change the world.

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The truth is that if it wasn’t for these young entrepreneurs, the world would be completely devoid of creativity and innovation which are the two elements essential for change. Do you think we need to start taking millennial leaders seriously? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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