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Why LinkedIn is Great for Business

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LinkedIn, the world’s best professional online networking platform has changed the way businesses work for the better. It changed how businesses market and establish themselves in the market and just like every social media platform, provided a strong bridge of communication between them and the public. More specifically though it allowed organisations to harness the power of networking to make meaningful connections that can be beneficial to the development of the business and made this the ultimate component to keeping a business alive.

Given all of these great features, let’s take look at 4 reasons it is great for businesses.

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#1 It Promotes Trust

Every legitimate business has a LinkedIn company page. It shows potential customers that you are a company they can trust and invest in. A company page on LinkedIn demonstrates trustworthiness and authenticity encouraging people to engage with what you share, follow you and connect with you directly. This becomes crucial in terms of promoting your brand since people will look at product reviews before they buy anything from you assessing how quick and efficient you are with consumer requests.

To build relationships with prospective customers you need to be consistently posting content that is relevant to your niche and useful to your readers. This is to show that your business is an active and serious organisation. For example, you can share recent developments about your company, information about completed projects or a new product, plans for expansion, or simply offer creative tips for professionals in your field. Such posts will keep your audience engaged with your business, and more likely to get them ‘hooked’.

#2 It Builds Brand Awareness

LinkedIn helps your business take advantage of international markets. Instead of staying local – and only getting found by people within your area, it makes your brand more recognisable, giving you access to a wider pool of candidates. As opposed to the company website, a LinkedIn company page will allow people from different geographical areas around the world to search for you, to learn more about you and as such want to engage with you. This happens as some people don’t even know your brand and LinkedIn makes it easier for them to find you.

If you want to increase your brand awareness try out these content marketing tips:  

  • Follow the 4-1-1 rule: share 4 posts, 1 re-post and 1 self-serving post.
  • Write insightful blog posts to show that you are an expert in your field.
  • Get employees and credible professionals involved in your LinkedIn activities.
  • Actively participate in LinkedIn Groups or start one on a specific interest.
  • Use great visuals on your profile: make your company logo and profile image stand out.

#3 It Determines Your Target Market

The first step to engaging with people effectively is getting to know who they are. With LinkedIn, you can choose who you want to connect with and what kind of audience you are hoping to attract. As such every connection you make on LinkedIn can be linked to the goals and objectives you have for your business both in the short and long term. Also, the way the platform is constructed it allows you to segment your connections into specific folders which is an essential tool for effective communication with your audience. This helps you follow a more targeted and personalised approach with each individual you are connecting with.

#4 It Helps You Find Top Talent

LinkedIn has become the most reliable search engine for companies. For many people, this platform is the go-to place to get information about a company and learn more about what you do, what you offer and how well you can do it. In fact, the most skilled/qualified jobseekers are using LinkedIn to look for job opportunities, to research for companies and purposefully connect with employers. This means that LinkedIn provides a great networking tool for recruiting purposes.

Whenever you come across a candidate who seems to fit the job profile, you connect with them and choose if you want to approach them and encourage them to apply for a position. This way you are slowly building a network of active – and most importantly passive – candidates you can always reach out to anytime there is an open vacancy.

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The reason businesses are using LinkedIn is because it offers a variety of opportunities for development. LinkedIn provides business owners a quick and easy way to promote their brand, effectively engage with their target audience and find top performers to work for them.

How do you use LinkedIn to help your business develop? Let me know in the comments section below…

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