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Why Passionate Writers Are More Successful than Non-Passionate Ones

While reading the various interesting and informative articles online, you can easily come to the conclusion that there are indeed talented authors in the writing field. Not only are they quite confident, but they are very well aware of what it is they are actually writing about, or trying to convey. However, there are writers whose main aim is to write for the sake of getting money and promoting their business. This is the major difference between a hardcore-passionate writer and the one who writes just to earn some cash.

Passionate Authors = Successful Authors

The art of writing is not something that you earn overnight. Of course, it is true that some people are born writers and they have extensive knowledge in writing good articles, eventually making them one of the best and expert authors. In addition to having extensive writing styles, they have the uncanny ability to captivate the readers using prolific writing. However, it doesn’t mean that such skills cannot be acquired.

Sometimes, born writers need to sharpen their writing skills at regular intervals. Dedication and hard work are the primary keys for writing interesting articles and these are embedded in passionate writers. So, how can one differentiate between a passionate writer who loves to write and the one who writes just to earn some money?

 The following are some of the points –

  •  Permanent and Temporary: - Do you know that a passionate writer is one who has a good flare in writing? He or she will continue to write irrespective of the money. They will get avenues and topics to write on and gradually will make a name for themselves. While in case of one who just needs money, he or she will continue to write as long as there is some revenue involved in it. Once the revenue gets scared or stopped, they will venture for another source of income or trade. In addition, they would never take any initiative to explore other writing styles and try to expand their knowledge in various topics.
  • Vocabulary: - One thing that most writers can vouch for is that as long as they are writing, they can easily get and develop words which fit into different situations. Nowadays, with the assistance of computers, it is quite easy to get word suggestions, meaning of words and their usage. Decades ago, this would have been an impossible and daunting task. The repeated usage of these words is an automatic way of learning them and with huge reserves of explicit words; it is easy for any writer to communicate effectively by writing - e.g. different words will be suitable for different articles. As a writer, you need to consider different kinds of vocabularies for different target audience. Similarly, even the vocabulary that you choose will change from one region to another and also the age group. It all depends upon for whom you are writing. A passionate writer will always look for avenues and new means of communicating to targeted audiences in an effective manner without letting off any chance of creating an impact and making a mark.
  • Volunteering: - Passionate writers offering services to famous websites, newspapers, medical journals free of cost will have a greater chance of being regular and full time writers for such business ventures when compared to ones who don’t. These business organizations are not only looking for quality but for individuals who have perseverance and patience. Such traits are not present in the work and ethics of writers who are money-minded.
  • Attentive: - Basically, one who writes with passion will always read with care. No matter what topic or subject you are writing about, you do have to ensure that the facts and figures collected by you are genuine and right. Passionate writers will always read with great interest and remember it for a longer period of time. However, in case of one who just compares the word count with money will simply replace the words and information and forget it soon.
  • Participation in workshops and events: - An individual who has a passion in writing will take part in contest related to his or her area of writing. Not only that he or she will attend various workshops and courses related to writing irrespective of the nominal fees that has to be paid. In case of an individual who is in the writing business for money, he or she will just stick to the primary source from where the money is coming. Nowadays, the economic environment is quite unstable and no one is quite sure of what the future holds for them. So, writers whose major aim is to earn money would easily lose an opportunity to add value to their resume.
  • Writing Competitions and Contests: - There are various social and online competitions which can invigorate and develop your writing skills. This will not only assist in building the confidence of the writer, but even provides an opportunity to explore other categories and dimensions of writing which range from complicate genre to everyday life.

Frankly, passionate writers are known to acquire suitable experience and skills in taking an interactive career path, whereas the ones who simply write to earn some cash will forget to view the big picture. So if you are a passionate writer, you are definitely on the right track of being a famous one. 


Image Source:- Passionate Writers

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