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Why Send a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

Writing thank you letters, once a post-Christmas and birthday chore, has become just as important when going for job interviews. Long gone are the days where a simple ‘goodbye’ and a shake of the hands would suffice when leaving an interview; recruiters are now expecting to receive a well thought out and polite thank you note!

For some, sending a thank you letter to a recruiter is a matter of common courtesy and natural habit, but for others, it is a foreign culture and they are astonished that this is expected of them.

For those who believe there is no need to send a thank you note, the below points may make you change your mind!

Why send a thank you letter after an interview?

#1 Shows your character in a positive light!

Thank you letters are always a great way to get on the ‘favorable side’ of someone. By sending a thank you letter, it implies you have a courteous personality and are respectful.

#2 Self-branding opportunity

Any chance you have to highlight your plus points to a potential employer should be taken. Some experts believe you should go as far as to personally ‘brand’ your letter and write it by hand for maximum effect.

#3 Networking potential

If you send a thank you note via email, you can use the opportunity to include your social profile links so that you can keep in touch with employees who may be able to refer you for a position in the future (should you not be successful this time around)!

#4 Get voters!


When making a hiring decision, oftentimes a company will ask the opinion of all those who met you when deciding whether to hire you or not. It is therefore advised that you get the business cards of everyone you meet, including the receptionist and send each person an individual thank you letter! This will push you to the forefront of their minds and ensure they only have good things to say about you if they are asked!

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