SOCIAL MEDIA / JUL. 16, 2013
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Why Social Media is NOT the Answer

Recruiters be warned, social media recruitment is not always the best approach to take, and in many cases, it could jeopardize your recruitment strategy to the extent that you lose out on hiring a candidate that would otherwise have been perfect for the job.

The media hype surrounding ‘social recruiting’ has influenced many recruiters to take to this new method of sourcing candidates and filling jobs, however; many job vacancies are not suited to social media and as such, advertising your job vacancy and approaching candidates through social media could affect the overall success you have in filing the post.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should question how effective social media recruitment strategies really are…

#1 Unprofessional Approach

The informal nature of social media means that recruiters using it by default appear to be unprofessional. This is not always the case, but in situations where you are recruiting for a director level position, if you use Facebook to headhunt candidates, they will question your professionalism.

#2 Invasions of privacy

For many professionals, their privacy is important and as such, recruiters should respect this. Just because a professional has a personal Twitter account or Facebook profile, does not mean to say you have any right to contact them through this medium. Most professionals will have a LinkedIn account, which is specifically for networking and career opportunities, so it is always best to connect with them through LinkedIn first.

#3 Can be a waste of time and resources

The social media world never sleeps, and this means that in order to connect with the best candidates, you have to invest a lot of time and effort into sourcing them through social media. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that when you do eventually hunt them down through their social profile, they will want to discuss job opportunities with you; making it a risking business! Oftentimes, professionals will use their social profiles after working hours, even late into the night, and so this can mean that you too have to work outside of normal working hours.

#4 Legal Implications

Depending on the job type, the way you approach an individual and the type of person they are, you may land yourself in hot water by approaching someone through social media. To explain, if you have contact a candidate either before or after an interview through their social media profile, and they then fail to land the job, they could ascertain that you based your hiring decision on a prejudice against their personal social profiles. This could then lead to a long and complicated lawsuit which would cost you dearly, both financially and in terms of your professional reputation.



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