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WEB & TECH / MAR. 04, 2015
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Why Sony's Smartspecks Are Completely Ridiculous

Sony Smartspecks Make You Look Ridiculous

OK, so hopefully you’ve seen the video. If you haven’t gone back and watched it, I have given you a virtual portal to the ridiculousness of Sony’s new smart glasses, and you go straight to the text. Heathen. It’s like having a big beautiful steak (that’s meat tofu for all the hippies out there) and eating the garnish. Anyhow if you are such a hipster that you refuse to watch the video let me break it down for you. We see a woman with a pixie cut awkwardly put on the glasses. This is the promotional video and even in the video SONY makes these things look hard to put on. After she puts them on she starts looking like a douchey cyclist with their all too plasticy, thick wrap-around glasses. With the distinction that she manages to look douchier.

Human Billboard

These things look absolutely ridiculous. Like swimming goggles on steroids that have gone rogue on your face. And attached to the oversized douche eye-wear is a huge plastic puck thing that is emblazoned with Sony’s logo. So not only do you look like an idiot you also look like a billboard.  

The thing is, is that the girl in the video is petite, her tiny head is engulfed by the sheer girth and displacement of this ‘mobile’ technology. Of course, these glasses are so ungainly that you would have to get the Rock to model them to even have a semblance of normality. Let us not forget that it has a huge black plastic puck attached to it.

On top of everything she and her fellow, smart goggle-wearing douche-mate wander out on the street with their faces sufficiently shadowed by the enormous devices.

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Are you looking forward to the new Sony smart glasses that will make you look like a complete tool? Then let me know in the comment section below.


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