JOB SEARCH / DEC. 17, 2014
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Why the Holiday Season is the Best Time to Search for Work

The holidays are a great time to search for a job—especially in December.

Not only are full-time positions open, but some industries are also hiring temporary workers at this time of year.

This month is one of the busiest times of the year for the job market. Since most companies are in high-demand as far as production and selling are concerned, they are always adding new workers to their employment roster.

Additionally, employees sometimes decide to quit during this time of year. After months of working at a company, they may up and leave to look for better employment opportunities.  This gives you a chance to fill in those open spots.

While the candidacy search and interview process mostly takes place in December, employers tend to hire new workers that will fill in vacancies starting in January.

Therefore, here are four key reasons why you should consider searching for a job now while the opportunity awaits:

1. Companies Typically Start the New Year with New Faces

As mentioned before, companies look to hire people for the New Year. A lot of companies put off hiring people for months because of the headache that comes with researching, interviewing, and/or training new employees. The summertime is definitely a time when employers become the laziest as far as looking for candidates is concerned. However, when the winter season approaches, companies decide to bring new people aboard to avoid losing budget dollars. 

2. Hiring Managers are Still on the Job

Hiring managers are usually not away from the office the last few weeks of the year. These decision-makers will find time to read over emails, resumes, and job applications. They will also make time to conduct interviews and hire the best fitting contenders for the job. Since they are in a hurry to fill in spots before or by time the New Year kicks off, there is a high chance that you’ll be hired immediately. Apparently, recruiters love responses during the holiday season, so they may just place you above the rest of the competition.

3. The Competition Shrinks

During this slow period, most job seekers are more than likely taking time off from their hunt. In other instances, workers have quit or have decided to go on a well-needed Christmas break. That means, the competition tends to shrink drastically and interview spaces become available to those who are still applying to jobs within the workforce. Additionally, companies like to hand out big bonuses during the holiday season. As a result, people will be more enthused to leave their position after receiving a raise. Therefore, keep this important point in mind.  

4. Holiday Cheer Benefits You

For the most part, hearing Christmas melodies and anticipating a new year puts a lot of people in a good mood—including job recruiters. Take advantage of this positive energy going around in the workforce. Hiring managers may be more receptive to you as a potential candidate for their company. You never know; holiday cheer may just work out in your favour.

So, if you’re looking for a better career opportunity or searching for employment, this is the ideal time to get everything taken care of and out of the way. Start early and position yourself ahead of the competition. 


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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