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Why the World Needs More Women in Tech [Infographic]

The role of women in Technology

There is no denying the fact that women are under-presented within the fields of engineering, science, computing and maths. But why is this and what can be done to increase the role of women in technology?      

Even though there are many female leaders in STEM careers already, compared to the male majority, only 7% of tech positions within Europe are filled by women, a fact which stresses the importance of getting more women on board. However, this is much harder than it sounds. As Founder of I F*ing Love Science Elise Andrew, says, “In the popular science community there is still a vision of women as outsiders, which is ridiculous”. This statement only confirms that the field of technology still operates following a rather sexist and old-fashioned approach.

This infographic from Next Generation explains why the tech industry is currently male-dominated by looking at the stereotypes of STEM careers and the barriers female students who are interested in science and technology, face along the way. The infographic also puts forward the idea that women need to be included in the field as their contribution is valuable to the development of the tech sector.

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So what’s your opinion on the subject? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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