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Why Use Familiar Job Titles for Job Postings

Posting a job and finding the ideal candidate can often be a frustrating and challenging experience for recruiters. Therefore it is imperative to have a job title that reflects the job advertised in the most concise and clear manner. By using familiar and appropriate titles, employers can ensure that only suitable and qualified professional apply for the job, thus eliminating masses of irrelevant job applications sent for the job.

Employers are advised to establish an effective recruitment strategy earlier in the hiring process. Through this, they can ensure that they follow a particular procedure in order to making the right hiring decision. Without having a recruitment strategy, it is likely that the business may make a poor hiring decision, thus having detrimental effects on the company.

Choosing a Suitable Job Title

The job title is one of the most important parts of advertising your job through an online platform, such as on a recruitment website. The job title should correlate with the position being advertised in such a manner that it describes all important factors related to it. For example: a job in internet marketing requiring an individual, who has relevant experience, should have the following job title: “Full Time Professional Online Marketing Executive”. This title describes all aspects of the job and clearly indicates that the applicant must have experience and the ability to work full time. In addition, it describes the type of marketing as well as the job title that the individual would have if successful.

Using the above example, it is clear that the job is in online marketing thus individuals who apply for this job should have the relevant skills and experience to qualify for it. Recruiters who publicize misleading job titles are prone to receiving unsuitable and inappropriate job applications. The following job title is an example of an ambiguous job advertisement: “Facilities Manager”. This could be for individuals who wish to work in management and administration as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Search Engine Optimization

The importance of keywords in the job title should not be undermined or overlooked as this determines the direction of online traffic. If the job title does not contain the most suitable and searched keywords for the job, it is probable that it will not be found by search engines that job seekers use to search for job postings.

Therefore it is integral that recruiters specify the candidates job title in a coherent and familiar manner, as a result of this there will be only relevant and appropriate individuals applying for the job. The simple reason behind this is that it filters in the most relevant and appropriate candidates for your job opening and helps you achieve recruitment success. 

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