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WORKPLACE / DEC. 07, 2015
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Why Venting at Work Makes You More Productive

Venting frustration is an important part of being a mature professional. Remember that the operative word is professional. You can’t start venting at any time, whenever you want in the office. Jumping up in the middle of a staff meeting is not the perfect time to start venting your feelings about your emotionally stunted and annoying coworker—simply because you want to clear the air and get motivated again on being productive. Lashing out at your assistant because she’s the first target, who enters your door, is not the best way to relieve your tension. Using the holiday party, as the moment of truth when you decide to tell off your arch nemesis in the office, is not the most ideal time to express yourself.

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There is definitely a time and place for venting. Do it wrong and you’ll end up looking like a crazy person who went off their meds. There are specific reasons why venting can make you more productive in the workplace. If you’ve been wondering if letting off some steam at work could be good for increasing your productivity level, take a look at the following four reasons to support your implementation of proper venting into your workday.

Releases Physical Tension

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When work gets crazy and you feel like you’re going to lose your mind, it’s important to vent your frustrations. Venting can release the tension in your body and help you be less stressed and then work better. If you’re in the middle of a high pressure situation in the office, trying to deal with work, piling high up on your desk and trying to escape the clutches of a micromanaging boss—your body will pay the toll. The stress of the situation will weigh on you. Your shoulders and back can feel so tensed from crouching over your computer all day that you are in desperate need of a massage.

Sure, the massage would be great; especially if you got your hunky coworker to knead your sore muscles during lunch break. Yet, one way to alleviate the tension in your body before you even have to get a back rub, would be to vent your frustrations at work. Just make sure that you let out all your angst in a professional manner. You don’t want to add even more stress to your body by getting into trouble with your boss, for shouting at everyone and calling that an effective venting method.

Refocuses Your Mind

Allowing yourself the opportunity to express your feelings, over an emotionally or mentally strenuous situation at the office, will help you to refocus your mind. You can breathe again and have your mind cleared while you focus on being productive. Not giving yourself the freedom to vent in a positive manner, will only serve to keep you distracted because you’re too busy fuming about your annoying coworker who can’t stop talking so loudly on the phone—or getting so worked up at your team leader, who never gives you a chance to excel on work projects.

However, when you realize that opening up to others in a positive way, will help fix your mind on the end goal, you’ll start to get productive again in your job. You won’t be wasting time on useless agitation over problems and you’ll start taking steps to rectify your crazy work circumstances. A focused mind is always the best antidote to getting through any issues you have at work.

Gives You an Ally

You know how good you feel, after sharing all about your crummy day with your best friend. It feels great and you can’t imagine getting through life without this person. If you want to stay productive in the office, you need find a way to express your frustrations to trusted work friends. You can get more work done if you confide in an ally, such as a coworker or manager who can help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, all you need to do is change your perspective and get busy accomplishing things again to see your colleagues as allies.

Sharing your feelings of annoyance over the copier that’s broken down again for the millionth time or having someone to commiserate with over the anonymous office lunch thief—continually stealing peoples’ lunches from the break room fridge—can help you to see the situation in a new light. So, not only are you expressing your feelings with others to get yourself back on track, you’re also building strong symbiotic relationships with people at work. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, because cultivating a spirit of team work in the office is definitely a sure way to increase the overall productivity in the workplace as well.

Motivates You to Change

When you’re frustrated at work, you have two choices. You can allow the negativity to consume you and overthrow the order of your entire day or you can make a choice to handle the circumstances in a positive way. If you choose the former, you will get deeper into a stressful situation and you can explode verbally in a destructive manner. That won’t benefit you in any way or help cement your job security with your boss. If you choose the latter, you are making the right choice that will benefit your daily experience in the office.

Maybe you need to change the way you’re reacting to negative occurrences in the office. You might realize that there are changes to ways that you complete your daily tasks, so that you won’t get easily frustrated anymore. Your angst could be a case of not interacting well with others. Making the right choices with regard to expressing your feelings of anger, failure, frustration and annoyance will make you a better person at work—and one who is more productive.

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Making the right choice will help to release the tension in your body. You’ll be less physically stressed and then able to refocus your mind so that you can quickly get back to doing your job and excelling to the best of your ability. You’ll make allies with colleagues and develop workplace relationships that are building blocks of stability to your professional career. Those connections can help you deal with the craziness that often can creep up on you at the office. Finally, handling your annoyances in a positive method will motivate you to make appropriate changes in your work life.

Are you someone who is constantly venting or someone who represses their feelings until the boiling point and then there is no returning to normal after that?

If you are venting but also know how to communicate with others in an effective style, regarding your feelings at work, you will experience a more fulfilling and productive work day. However, if you hold things in or easily go off the deep end, that can only spell disaster for you at the office. The choice is yours and no one can make you tip one way or the other. Only you can decide to be a mature professional who knows how to vent frustrations the right way.

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