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Why Work For a Startup

Startups have become all the rage, particularly among recent post-secondary graduates. Since they are unable to locate employment opportunities for more established, well-known corporate entities, millennial workers are swarming startups in the hopes of growing and having more meaning. 

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Whether it’s a United States tech startup or a British marketing startup, the value of working for a startup is immense. It allows you to both improve your craft and actually apply your skills to an enterprise looking to flourish not maintaining the status quo. A corporate job, however, may simply be complacent and soul-draining. 

Although a lot of career experts may argue against applying for a startup, it could actually be the best thing for you and your career path. If a startup is successful then you can grow with the company, and if it fails then you can simply learn from its mistakes and correct those errors. 

Unsure if you should apply to a startup in your city? Here are six reasons why you should work for a startup.

1. Bringing Your Talents to a Startup

Soon after sitting down with a world-renowned corporation, you will be performing job duties that really have nothing to do with your degree or skillset. Rather than working on software, you’ll be filling in paperwork. Instead of designing graphics, you’ll be proofreading marketing materials. On the other hand, at a startup, you were hired specifically because of your training and knowledge. These skills will be most useful for the company, and will be used every day. 

2. Room for Growth

If the startup you work for grows and you stay long enough with the company then there is tremendous room for growth. A corporation, meanwhile, is notorious for stagnant positions and a paucity of true growth. If a startup becomes a corporation in the next decade then you would be someone starting from the ground floor and working your way up to executive. 

3. Gaining Recognition

Corporations are well-known for backstabbing and office politics. When you get an assignment submitted on time and on budget then someone else could very well be recognized for this achievement. At a startup, due to the limited number of employees, it’s quite likely that you’re going to be recognized for all of your hard work, determination and dedication. Remember, others work for startups because they, too, understand the dirty work at large businesses. 

4. Innovation vs. Complacency

Startups are the symbol of human ingenuity, capitalism and innovation - corporations may simply acquire a small business. Startups are changing the world and creating unique concepts to help develop the next computer, Google or Facebook. This is exciting news. The same thing can’t be said by the shackles of sitting in a cubicle performing the same monotonous tasks day in and day out. 

5. The Atmosphere is Different

If you relish in the idea of wearing jeans every workday, leaving early on Fridays and checking your Facebook account throughout the day then a startup may be the ideal establishment for you. It’s quite rare to find a startup that doesn’t make things casual, fun and neoteric. Overall, the atmosphere is very different in a startup compared to a corporate office landscape. 

6. You'll Live by Your Wits

Unfortunately, since you work for a startup, you won’t be making a six-figure annual salary. This means that you’ll have to learn to be frugal and to live by your wits. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it’s very important to know how to live within your means. Challenging yourself in every aspect of your life, not just at work, creates a stronger constitution. 

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Corporations have garnered a bad reputation within the last decade or so, especially among the latest class of labor market entrants. Working for a McDonald’s, Proctor & Gamble or Apple may be safe, but bringing your talents to a startup can be fresh, exciting and perhaps even lucrative if everything goes well (fingers crossed). Startups provide a lot of value, and that’s because of their commendable, educated and hard working crop of talent, just like yourself. 

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