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Why Work in Australia

Being labeled as the land of hope, happiness and opportunities, Australia is one of the few locations in the world that offer top class services and benefits to individuals working in this country. As a largely English speaking community, Australia is a popular location to work in – favored by individuals from the US, UK and Canada.

The following is an outline of advantages of working in Australia:

Why Australia

Boasting a robust economy that is rife in job opportunities, Australia offers individuals the chances to experience life in one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world. The favorable climate attracts job seekers from across the globe to relocate to this beautiful and expansive continent down under.

The country offers individuals a high quality of life and standard of living, with excellent health and medical facilities. In addition to this, Australia is offers a safe and stable environment – both politically and economically. Individuals who relocate to Australia are able to take advantage of a number of facilities offered by the government.

Sickness Benefits

There are 2 programs that govern the sickness and maternity benefits in Australia: Social Assistance and Universal System. All individuals who contribute to these programs are able to benefit from their features.  There is a generous compensation paid to sick individuals in Australia, however the amount maybe means tested and dependent on how long the individual has been employed.

Family Allowances

All individuals residing within Australia who have one or more children are entitled to the family allowances. This includes the double orphan pension, baby bonus and child care benefits. Parents are entitled to take parental leave which can be up to 18 weeks in order to look after their new born babies.

Annual Leave

Workers in Australia are entitled to a standard 4 weeks annual leave each year. All employees are expected to work 38.5 hours a week, with casual workers earning higher rates for working different hours. The sickness leave is limited to 10 days per year, with 1-2 days of compassionate leave. 

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