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JOB SEARCH / APR. 03, 2015
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Why Would You Work One of the Most Stressful Jobs in the World if NOT for Money & Fame


There are several reasons why many of us decide to pursue a high stress career, the most common being the promise of fame and fortune. But for some, riding the stress wave has absolutely nothing to do with stuffing their pockets with cash or catching a glimpse of themselves on the evening news. For these work warriors, swimming with the sharks on a daily is simply satisfying in itself... Here’s why.

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The Adrenaline Junky

According to researchers, adrenaline and stress go hand in hand. The body continuously builds up adrenaline levels in the adrenal glands in order to help us activate "fight or flight" during dangerous situations. Since most of us no longer have to worry about using this pent up energy boost to fight off lions or rescue a mate in distress, we tend to release our adrenaline during stressful everyday situations. The "adrenaline junky" can harness the energy and nutrient boost released by the body during extreme stress, allowing them to excel under pressure. Those that are considered adrenaline junkies would be excellent candidates for jobs in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medicine, adventure tour guide, and stock market finance.

The Hero

Some of us are born to protect and serve. Though individuals who commit themselves to careers in the military are often not paid top dollar for their service, they often feel greatly rewarded by simply doing their job. These individuals are dedicated to protecting the innocent, honoring their country, and saving lives; for this reason they are regarded as modern day gladiators who fight daily to ensure national security and protect our freedom.

The Quick Cash Hustler

These individuals choose to work jobs that are extremely stressful for short periods throughout the year in order to have more time to spend with their families or working on special projects. These types of jobs may only last for a few months out of the year, but during crunch time, these individuals work incredibly long hours under extreme physical and/or mental stress in order to amass enough cash to survive throughout the year. These jobs are considered "work to live" rather than "live to work" types of professions. Fisherman, day traders, and seasonal professions are some of the best paying and steady quick cash jobs out there.

The Teacher

Primary and secondary school teachers work hard for their money, often in a relatively thankless work environment. Teachers dedicate their time and talent to helping future generations succeed, no matter what their chosen area of study may be, background, or native culture. Teachers utilize specific techniques and specialized skills to help students become well rounded; encouraging students to use both scientific deduction and creative thinking to solve problems.

The Saint

There are certain individuals out there that believe a career has nothing at all to do with money and everything to do with furthering a cause. Some are lawyers, doctors, construction workers, etc.; whatever their chosen profession, these individuals use their talent and extensive knowledge for the common good. Though these jobs are often low pay and sometimes require travel to impoverished countries or devastated areas, but many of these individuals agree it is worth the cut in pay and extreme stress to ensure the well being of those in need.

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Rewards for a job well done can come in many different forms. For those of us looking for something deeper than a pot of gold, there are a wealth of professions out there that are more about lifting the spirit than the acquisition of wealth or fame. But as we pursue these do-gooder professions, one must consider that every reward comes with a price; in some cases, the extreme physical and emotional stress can be overwhelming and will eventually take its toll. It is important to be prepared for what lies ahead and always attempt to reach some type of work/life balance in order to reach your goals, whether they include fame and fortune or something a bit more meaningful.


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