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CAREER PATHS / MAY. 17, 2016
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Why You Absolutely Need a Marketing Degree

How important do you think it is to have a marketing degree? Do you think it is a skill you can learn on the job ?! Why you need a Marketing Degree!

Recently, we taught you how to gain a customer base without budgeting for marketing. While it is entirely possible to gain a following for your company without prior experience in marketing, today we are going to explain why that isn’t always the ideal strategy for an up-and-coming business.

Though the internet has made it easier than ever to connect with your audience, the overabundance of marketing resources online has made it even more imperative that you have a dedicated marketing staff and concentrated approach to attract customers. Marketing is not a skill that is picked up on the fly; it takes years of study to understand the intricate strategies and delicate techniques of bringing in business. These days, marketing is imperative for business success ― and you can only truly learn marketing by obtaining a degree. What follows are the knowledge and skills gained only through formal university training in the field of marketing.

1. Rounded Business Experience

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Thousands of marketers live and work without degrees, but perhaps the most obvious deficiency in untaught marketing professionals is their general inexperience in the business world. Though a marketing education primarily trains students in their chosen field, most marketing programs exist within broader business schools. Like it or not, marketing students become exposed to various aspects of business, which makes them ideal employees. No department is an island, so your marketers will need to interface with other teams at your company. The more knowledge your marketers have of broader business processes, the better they can co-exist with their fellow workers.

2. Universal Communication Skills

Success hinges on one’s ability to communicate ― in life and business. Marketing demands a strong command of various communication strategies and techniques. Although it is feasible that one person could dabble in various methods of communication in life, it is incredibly unlikely that he or she could gain the necessary mastery over more than one or two, except from guided instruction in a university marketing program. Courses give future marketers the space to learn how to craft marketing messages over a variety of media, from in-person presentations to online advertising. Using their excellent language proficiency, trained marketers are absolutely integral to the success of business.

3. Creative Problem-Solving Abilities

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Even though Marketing might seem a subjective science ― one that relies on soft skills like empathy and wit ― the truth is marketing relies heavily on hard scientific practices like data collection and analysis. Effective marketing requires a thorough understanding of consumer behavior to produce messages that will encourage engagement and drive sales, and the only way to procure such knowledge is through rigorous testing.

Because of this, trained marketers are well-equipped to solve complex problems using precise methods. Better yet, marketers tend to be more resourceful, as the ever-changing nature of their field requires an inventiveness that other business majors generally lack. Your company needs all employees to be meticulous problem-solvers, and marketing grads easily fit that condition.

4. Fast Knack for Decision Making

Business moves fast, but marketing moves faster. Marketing strategies are changing amazingly fast, which is only increasing as the web becomes more integral to daily life. Degree-holding marketers have a profound understanding of the importance of speed, especially when it comes to spreading marketing messages online.

The lessons taught by their professors at university may already be outdated, but marketing grads have experience predicting upcoming trends and adapting to unforeseen developments. Marketers are trained to make the correct decisions quickly, because if they don’t, they miss vital opportunities to spread awareness and attract customers.

5. Dedicated Marketing Interest

Arguably the most important benefit of adding a marketing degree–holder to your team is passion. It takes true enthusiasm to earn a degree, which means any marketing grad boasts an unwavering interest in the field. Having an employee who is so interested in and excited by his or her job is crucial to your business’s success; several studies have found that passion is perhaps the most important indicator of productivity, as it sustains performance improvement over an entire career ― not just short-lived, one-time bumps of attentiveness. Thus, seeking out such a highly motivated marketing expert will only improve your chances of reaching your audience and increasing your sales.

Do you think that you need a degree in marketing to be successful in the field? Your thoughts and comments below...

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