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Why You Can't Get a High Paying Job — And How to Fix Yourself (Part 2)

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You're here because you want a high paying job.

And you're probably looking for proof that successful people always fail repeatedly before they see success. Well I can help with both of those things, and I can only give you 7 quality examples for now (I only have so much room to write), but I guarantee there's hundreds of thousands of successful people walking around who've failed miserably, constantly and consistently before they earned high paying, lucrative success.

We'll start with the last two barriers to high paying career success (continued from "Why you Can't Get a High Paying Job — And How to Fix Yourself Part 1"):

You Aren't Working Hard Enough

If you haven't landed a lucrative job, part of your problem is your work habits. How many hours do you spend communicating with people in your LinkedIn network? For you extroverts, how many hours have you spent deliberately and shamelessly promoting yourself face to face, spreading your influence by word of mouth?

You say "I don't have that kind of time" — I say make that kind of time. 

If you don't have a job, your 40 hour workweek should be spent finding one — we all know that. But the same concept applies to getting yourself a high-paying career as well.

If you want a better, higher paying job, you need to work for it. For many people that means working 70-80 hours a week, and that may put you where you need to be. But I think it's better to deny yourself the unnecessary pleasures of life for a time so you can work less at your second-rate job, and focus more on earning your dream career. That means sacrificing that ungodly Starbucks addiction and replacing it with work. Work that'll result in a salary that can pay for your Starbucks addiction and 9 other addictions without breaking a sweat. Cut the ice cream, Oreos and Coca Cola from your diet. Every bit counts — these things swell your budget expenses quickly, not to mention your unhappy backside as well. Trim your diet and you've got yourself a win-win scenario. Just saying.

You're Not Working Smart Enough

Let's assume you've cut your excess expenses, and now work part-time at your dead-end job. You've made the time for networking, increasing your education, and taking on side-jobs and internships related to your field of interest. That's smart because the success you see in those areas will contribute to your confidence, ridding you of fear and thus inviting success to reign supreme in your life. But the time you spend has to be smart and efficient, or it'll quickly become a waste. Research is great and networking works wonders, but that's just the foundation you launch your attack from.

What good is a business lunch with a potential client if you don't try to close the deal? How much money do you earn by scouring the internet for good jobs if you don't apply to them? The point is this. Taking action is what gets you results, and the more you do it, the more confident you get. Watch your time carefully. If you find yourself getting sucked into the black hole of Facebook, STOP. And fix yourself. Facebook stalking is a gateway to poverty if you're looking for a quality job. Unless you have a beeline sort of focus — straight to the business opportunities, then straight out.

Long story short, your only real problem is fear. Fear to follow up on your applications with a call, or even an email; fear of rejection. Fear to even put yourself out there to begin with.

Fear that can be beaten by gathering the courage to fail consistently until you see success. Success, once found, eliminates fear. 

Proof That Failure is Your Friend and Ally

Here's a few examples of famous people failures:

  • Thomas Edison was told by his teachers that he was "too stupid to learn anything". Needless to say, school was the first of his many failures.
  • Walt Disney was fired because he lacked imagination. That made me smile.
  • Ever hear of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts? Steven Spielberg was rejected by this school many times. All sorts of failure and rejection there.
  • Colonel Sanders, first off, was a real person if you didn't know. This KFC-starting franchise genius was fired from literally dozens of jobs before he started the fried-chicken wonderchild KFC.
  • Isaac Newton failed miserably when he tried to run the family farm.
  • JK Rowling, author of the 7-book Harry Potter series, began writing in a state of complete poverty, raising a baby on welfare and writing in warm and well-lit cafes as her baby slept next to her. She failed countless other times before she saw success, and battled with anxiety and severe depression as well.
  • Harrison Ford was told many times that he'd never make it in the movie business. I can see why honestly, but that didn't stop him.

That's a tiny list from a countless collection of complete failures — and I mean that in a deeply respectful way. Start failing and enjoy the success that follows!



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