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Why You May Never Land Your Dream Job

Having a dream is a complicated thing. There’s a saying that goes, ‘the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.’ That couldn’t be any more true. It costs you absolutely nothing in time and energy to dream big and want something great for your life and your career. But actually achieving your dream is a completely different story. We grow up dreaming of a certain career and we study hard in school and search for that elusive dream job, but for many of us, we never achieve exactly what we want. Read on to find out why you may never actually land that dream job you’ve been coveting.

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You Want to Actually Have a Life

Okay, so your current job isn’t anywhere close to perfect or dream-like, but you enjoy the day-to-day responsibilities. You like your job mostly because it enables you to enjoy your lifestyle. You can leave at 5 p.m. and meet your friends on patios in the summer and in cozy pubs in the winter. You have weekends completely off and can lounge around or take quick trips to nearby towns. You may never get your dream job because you value your life just as much as your work, and that’s totally okay. Dreams never come free and they basically take away any potential free time you might have. In order to get what you want, you would have to say goodbye to evenings and weekends off, and travel would be a completely foreign concept, at least for the time being. Landing a dream job or creating one, if you want to start your own business, means saying goodbye to a personal life, because your dream would then become your entire life. For some people that’s okay and even a good thing. But you might want to get married and have kids and even leave your job entirely and become a homemaker. That’s an okay choice, too. It’s your life and your dream might just not fit into it.

You Just Want to Have Fun

There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind when it comes to the job you dream of landing. Maybe you were more serious growing up and wanted a super logical and practical job. Now you’re older and you realize that your former dream bores you to tears. You feel like you would die if you became a lawyer or teacher. You just can’t do it, and you want to change careers entirely and get a more fun, enjoyable job. Good for you. Life is meant to be enjoyed, right? Your desire to have fun every day of your life might lead you to a position you never even thought you would like. It might also mean less money, but what’s money if you’re not truly happy? You didn’t really think that money could buy happiness, did you?

You Have a TV Addiction

Television is a beautiful thing, and now that we’ve got tons of different options in terms of streaming services, the list of good television that we can watch on a nightly basis is literally endless. You can catch up on entire seasons of current favorites that you missed during the year, or you can watch old episodes of beloved sitcoms from the past, or you can discover some hidden gem that no one’s even talking about. With all that television to watch and become obsessed with, you might just not have the time and energy to devote to finding your dream position. Hey, no one can blame you. TV is pretty awesome. And you’ve never even seen a single episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad so, there goes your weekends for the next month.

You Switch Industries

Sometimes we change jobs, sometimes we change entire fields. You could be starting a new job in a new industry for reasons that have nothing to do with the actual job title and responsibilities. Maybe you just want a part-time job so you can take care of your mom after she had a heart attack, or you’re pregnant and want to work less before becoming a mother. Why feel awful that you don’t have your dream job when life got out of your hands, your circumstances changed and you wanted a different position and industry entirely?

You Hate Your Dream

So the impossible happened and you got your dream job. Congrats... we think? You’re confused because you’re unhappy every single day, you hate every minute of it and you want to cry or scream (or maybe both at the same time). Your dream job is actually a nightmare, and it’s time to get out before it kills you. You might get your dream job and then set it free and move onto something better for you.

You Move Halfway Across the World

Stuff happens in life. You fall in love with someone from another town, city, country or even continent. They get a job promotion there or want to move back to their hometown to be closer to their family. What are you going to do, stay in your city and break up with them because you’re in the same place as the dream job you want to get? Not likely. Depending on where you’re moving, you’re probably not going to be shedding too many tears that you’re giving up on your dream position, especially if you’re moving to a warmer, more tropical climate. This one is a pretty great reason for saying goodbye to your dream, so don’t feel crappy -- everyone is going to be super jealous of you anyway, and that should help with your disappointment.

Not Everyone Gets Their Dream

Many of us are unrealistic when we think about where we see ourselves in five or ten years, or even sooner than that. We think we can open a restaurant mere months after starting as a server at a pub right out of college, or we think it wouldn’t be too hard to rise to the ranks of magazine editor when we’re still a lowly intern. Well, sorry to break it to you, but you might need to be honest with yourself: you might never land your dream job because you don’t have the right qualifications or skills. Another reason you might never get your dream? You’ve chosen a super competitive industry. You probably know this, but haven’t been honest with yourself about how realistic or unrealistic your plans are. Sometimes the truth hurts, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It sucks to think about it, but not everyone gets what they’re dreaming about. It just doesn’t happen for everyone.

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Beating yourself up because you don’t have your dream job or you aren’t even in your dream industry? Stop feeling bad about yourself and simply accept yourself and your career for who you are and where you’ve ended up. Getting your dream job can be cool, but your plans can also backfire and it can make you miserable, so it’s not the end of the world if you never land your so-called dream position.

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