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Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website For Your Business

Did you know that Google searches via mobile phones grew by a staggering 500% in the last five years alone? This means businesses which have mobile friendly websites stand a better chance of brand exposure than their counterparts that have not gone mobile. In this age, you cannot afford not to have a mobile friendly website.

The modern day internet user spends more time online via his mobile device than he does using a desktop computer. Apart from playing games and networking with friends/ followers on social media, mobile internet users also shop online using their phones. Mobile phones are considered personal and this has the overall effect of the users believing their phones to be more secure than their desktops. Mobile device users will therefore find it easier to trust the integrity of a purchase they make on their phone, as opposed to those they make on their office computers.

Mobile device users are always online. Whenever stuck in traffic, the first thought that crosses their mind is to pull out their phones and get online. They carry their phones to lunch, to the bathroom, and almost anywhere. They are like proverbial man with his shadow on a sunny day. This could be the biggest reasons why mobile phone Google searches have grown exponentially over the years.

Here are some few pointers why you need to ensure your company website is mobile friendly:

Emerging global markets

Smartphones are no longer a preserve of the citizens of the developed countries. Some manufactures have come up with ingenious designs that are relatively cheap targeting the developing nations in Africa and Asia. This has opened up a whole new front in business. Placing your business on the mobile platform helps you tap into this new emerging market.

Brand exposure

The mobile users are bound to increase by the day. Apart from the volumes of mobile device owners, there is also the aspect of the amount of time users spend on their phones. It is not uncommon to find an average mobile user spending up to seven hours a day on their phone, while they spend less than one hour on their computer- unless in cases where their work demands. This means that investing in a mobile website ultimately exposes your brand to a bigger audience.

Corporate image

One of the slogans associated with the Coca-Cola brands is; “thirst is nothing, image is everything.” In business, image is everything. Perceptions that are made in the minds of potential customers are what determine whether or not they will become your clients. Investing in a prolific mobile based website speaks volumes. It says your organization is ready to adapt to the changing times. It says your organization is ready to invest in technology- it creates a good image for you.

Be on the cutting edge

It’s a jungle out there. Most, if not all of your competitors have probably gone mobile. By the time you finish reading this sentence, one of your competitors might have gotten a valuable conversion thanks to the traffic he got from his mobile based website. The only way to compete fairly is to ensure you go mobile as well.

A mobile website is a must have. It is not just enough to have a business app available for download on Google play. Most users are lazy and they will avoid downloading / installing an app unless they really need it. Even if you have already invested in a mobile app for your business, you still need to invest in a good mobile based website.

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