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INTERVIEWS / JUL. 26, 2014
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Why you Should Never Say "I'm in Desperate Need of a Job"

Have you ever noticed that it’s the employed people spoilt for choice that actually get offered a variety of lucrative job options? In fact, the unemployed that are in desperate need of jobs tend to be loathed by employers for using this rather annoying statement which subliminally gives a very negative impression. Moreover, it shouldn’t come as a surprise because most employers tend to be narcissistic, proud and nonsensical. Therefore, this isn’t someone that will pamper you for your neediness. Plus, employers normally go through hell when it comes to managing their businesses, maintaining a consistent performance and looking for potential candidates that will have a concrete impact on the company’s profitability. You’re therefore dealing with a hard nut to crack. This is someone that’s tired of hearing this statement time and time again. So, let’s get straight to the point shall we? Here’s why you should never say "I’m in desparate need of a job":

  • Makes you seem helpless, needy and possibly suicidal.
  • Gives the impression that you’ve got nothing of value to offer because your sole focus is on getting a job.
  • Compromises on your seemingly cooked-up Confidence. 
  • Makes you look like the rest of the needy unemployed croud that employers encounter everyday.

Now, picture yourself being an employer and ask yourself,

Besides the usual hard work, dedication and discipline requirements, what outstanding factors would I expect from a potential employee?

  • A Consistent Innovator and Solutions Provider: Many employers are tired of hiring salary-minded employees who have no real impact on the company’s overall performance. Thus, talking of desperately needing a job makes you sound like one. These are employees that simply do what has to be done as long as the company is doing ’fine’. Employers prefer an encyclopedia of solutions within their staff because it’s financially inconveniencing to retain an incompetent workforce while at the same time spending hefty consultation fees and incurring habitual outsourcing costs. 
  • An Honest, Loyal and Encouraging Character: The desperate and needy aspect makes you seem like you don’t have the employer’s best interests in mind. Therefore, establishing acquaintance first before rushing to your job need will eradicate the impression that your employer is simply hiring another random stranger. Plus, employers tend to give favours such as promotions to employees that are fond of them. They prefer employees that make them feel at home despite the mountain of tasks they deal with everyday at the workplace. Then again, establishing acquaintance makes it easier for you and your employer to be honest about company affairs. 

This now brings me to,

What then should I say when I’m in desperate need of a Job?
In a bid to clinch a job, you should convince your potential employer that you’ll get hired for a meaningful purpose that will be beneficial for the company. You’ve therefore got to be selfless and quash your selfish and needy argument despite the fact that you’re desperate. You should use terms such as:

  • I noticed that your company has a skill gap and I think I’m the candidate you’re looking for.
  • There’s a market gap your company isn’t fully exploiting and I would be glad to join your team and show you how to pull that off.
  • Your company seems to be undergoing tough financial times. And based on my wealth of experience in financial austerity measures, I can balance your accounting books to bring financial sobriety to your company.

These are just but a few job requests that you can market yourself with even during tough economic times of massive unemployment. Remember, in such tough times, even employers are in desperate need of solutions to stay afloat. Such arguments not only sound brilliant, but they’re also confident, solution-based and outstanding to the hiring party.

This world has an abudance of problems and challenges. Employers are usually overburdened with the overwhelming unemployment rates being experienced in their respective job markets. The last thing you want is to remind your potential employers about this predicament by constantly implying on how you’re in desperate need of a job.


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