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WORKPLACE / APR. 22, 2015
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Why Your Boss is Actually Elmer Fudd

The lovable second fiddle and recipient of Bugs’ slap-stick pranks, Elmer Fudd, has entertained many generations of children by being subjected to acts that would kill people in the real world. He has been hit over the head by comically over-sized mallets, smacked with frying pans and blown up at least a couple of hundred times. Is it possible though that your boss might be Elmer Fudd? Here are some tell-tale signs that you are working for Elmer Fudd, i.e., an idiot.

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If your boss has a propensity for hunter’s orange or likes to rock a plaid red cap with those stupid ear-flaps, then you might have a Fudd on your hands. Hey, I didn’t say this article was going to be super insightful or anything like that.

Pulling a Quaker Oats

In the 90’s, famous oatmeal peddlers, Quaker Oats looked to expand their business. First they bought Gatorade that didn’t need refrigeration (stay with me; it’ll be relevant in a sec). After that, they thought buying luxury ice-tea and beverage company Snapple would be a solid investment. The thing is that none of Quaker Oats products needed refrigeration, but Snapple did. So they bought a company and had no way of storing or transporting their inventory. Smart move Quaker (not).

Pulling a Schwinn

So Schwinn was the go to post-war bike manufacturer in the world. After a strike at its Chicago plant Schwinn’s executives decided to outsource their manufacturing to a Taiwanese company named Giant. If you have even just a little bit of bike knowledge, then you know that Schwinn doesn’t exist anymore and that Giant is well a giant. The reason is that Schwinn signed a non-compete clause, which basically says that you can steal all of our ideas and then become a direct competitor. So that’s exactly what Giant did, but they took it a step further by approaching Schwinn’s resellers and telling them, look these are basically Schwinn bikes that we can sell them to you for 30% less than what Schwinn sells them. Schwinn tried to convince Giant to combine their companies, but it was already too late. The company went under in 1991. Schwinn’s decision to sign the non-compete would be what you would call stupid.

10 Cent Beer Riot

We all know that sports fans like to enjoy their weight in alcohol before watching their favorite team play a game. So why not give people what they like thought the marketing department of the Cleveland Indians (a professional baseball team)? Not only did they give them what they wanted, they gave it to them at a price that would have been reasonable for a malt float in the 30s. 10 cent beer resulted in drunken antics that then escalated into a full blown riot when (after a questionable play took place). Fans rushed the field with unbolted seats, chains and even knives. The home team was encouraged to take their bats and protect the visiting team. Of course, the game was canceled as the stadium officials couldn’t restore order. This is a great example of stupid marketing.

How Dare You

9-year-old Shea O’Gorman was playing around with her new iPod allowing the hipster chic to flow over through her. As she was using the turning wheel and other fancy device parts she thought of a few ideas and being 9 years old, she thought she’d send them to Satan Steve Jobs directly. Instead of getting a cute and quirky letter like the one given to this little girl from Google she got a letter from Apple’s lawyers. In a threatening tone, the lawyers informed her that they do not accept unsolicited ideas from external sources and that she should not send any more suggestions. Real classy Apple.

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Do you know of any other horrible business mistakes that make the boss look like Elmer Fudd (stupid)? Then let us know in the comment section below.  

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