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Women in Management Positions are on the Rise – Infographic

The number of female CEO’s and executives in the US is rising faster than analysts have predicted. This fact is said to be a result of the higher number of women graduating from colleges versus men.

Women and the Labour Market

Women make up 46.8% of the U.S. labour force and occupy 51.4% of business and management-related positions. In addition to this, women:

-  Are owners of 30% of all privately-held companies

-  Employ 14% of U.S. workforce (roughly 7.9 million people)

-  Generate 11% of the revenue made by all U.S. businesses

Interestingly enough, those companies owned by women experienced a net increase in employment throughout the recent recession.

How the Corporate Landscape is Changing

According to a recent study, the female C-level executive population grows every year, though at a slower pace than women in senior management positions.

This year, the growth rate for women in senior management positions amounted to 25%.

However, women still fall behind when it comes to top-level corporate positions, as only 4.8% of all CEOs and 16.9% of executive board members are women.

The positive trends regarding the rise of women in management positions are considered to be linked to the fact that women hold half of the advanced degrees in the US, including medical degrees, law degrees and MBAs.

Find out more interesting insights about women in management in this infographic provided to you by CareerGlider.  



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