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Women Taking Over in Politics- Merkel Wins Elections

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1. Angela Merkel- Germany
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Chancellor Angela Merkel won a historic third term in office with an overwhelming victory for her ruling conservative Christian Democrats in Germany’s general election on Sunday night after securing huge gains. Angela Merkel is close to surpassing Margareth Tatcher in terms of number of years in power.

Angela Merkel has just won the German Elections for third time in a row! This goes to show that women are becoming just as dominant as men in the tough world of politices. 

According to research, more than 20 countries currently have a woman holding office as the head of a national government, and the global participation rate of women in national-level parliaments is nearly 20%.

Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama are two of the most powerful women in USA and even conservative countries like India have elected women such as Sonia Gandhi as their political figures. 

Take a look at our Top 5 powerful women in politics for inspirationand motivation to follow a career in the path of politics!

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