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Word of Mouth Marketing - Hiring through Hearsay

As the job market saturates with an increasing number of unemployed individuals, it is no surprise that employers are opting every possible marketing method to scout out potential talent. Going back to basics, the power of word of mouth has become the new hiring tool to find candidates for job openings. Many job seekers are making the mistake of tuning out offline job search by focusing on social media employability. Although social media is an undeniable advantage this generation has, it is no surprise that recruiters are leaning towards hearsay and word of mouth to find solid and strong candidates.

Want to know how to make the right hire through word of mouth marketing? Check out these tips for hearsay hiring:

#1 – Make the most of Industry Events

Companies are advised to carefully deliberate their hiring strategy in order to incorporate and budget for networking. This is an important aspect of hiring candidates through word of mouth marketing as recruiters can attend industry related events to scout out talented individuals in the field. The investment to obtain membership of various organizations to attend important events can be categorized in the hiring budget as the primary purpose of attending these events is to network.

#2 – Be Friendly and Social!

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become the staple social media diet for companies across the globe but the “social” aspect of online networking has almost become robotic. When applying for a job, individuals will visit your social network to learn more about the company as well as the employees. Recruiters who wish to offer candidates the opportunity to engage actively are advised to feature employee testimonials about working for the company. This provides job seekers with an inside look at how things work, encouraging them to connect with employees on a personal basis.

#3 – Have a Presence at Career Fairs

Similar to rule #1, having a presence at career fairs is highly advantageous for recruiters. By presenting their services and products at a career fair, companies are able to advertise themselves as well as attract potential employees. This especially works for companies that are hiring for graduate schemes as they are able to attend career fairs at universities and colleges.

#4 – Ask your Employees

Many recruiters overlook the power of staffing through their staff. This means that employers should ask their current employees whether they would recommend anyone for job openings within the company. A number of companies introduce bonuses and other incentives for recommending potential employees for job vacancies within specific departments or other branches of the company. 

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