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How to Work Out and Get Paid for It

You spend a large amount of time exercising -- so why not get paid to do it? 

If you’re a regular exerciser, you’re probably already aware of the myriad benefits of working out, including a reduced risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, better moods, a more positive outlook on life, and better sleep. Here’s another reason to exercise: It could be putting cash in your pocket. 

Whether you’re looking for something to supplement your income, to help you pay for more workout gear, or you’re ready to change careers all together, when you start looking around you might be surprised to find out that there are numerous money-making opportunities out there for people who love working out. 

Start getting paid to work out in any number of creative ways. 

Become a personal trainer or group exercise instructor. 

Unlike strength coaches and physical education teachers, personal trainers and group exercise instructors don’t need to complete an extensive load of coursework to get a certification. Both certifications -- available through any number of certifying bodies -- require you to take a qualifying exam; that’s it. Granted, the exams do cover anatomy, kinesiology, and exercise science and programming, meaning you won’t be able to pass them without some studying. But for the diligent student, that might only involve several weeks or months of study. After that, training clients and designing workouts you enjoy could be your daily routine. Look for certification programs through the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine, or any number of accredited programs. 

Become a product tester. 

If you work out a lot, then you know how expensive workout gear can get. While most product testing gigs don’t pay much, if anything, the benefit of testing clothing, shoes, and equipment is that you’ll typically get free stuff at the end of your product testing stint. You’re exercising anyway -- so why not get some free stuff to offset the costs of your workouts? To get started, visit the websites of your favourite brands, or use their "Contact Us" feature to find out whether they’re actively searching product testers. 

Try out an app that pays you to comply with your workout schedule. 

Apps including the "Pact" app reward you when you’ve stuck with your goals, putting cold hard cash into your account. On the flip side though, you’ll be required to set an amount you’ll pay if you don’t comply. 

Work at the front desk of a health club. 

With these types of jobs, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that club guests get checked in and they have their needs met. When no one is actually in the club, however, you may have enough free time to pound out a few sets of weights or to use a card machine. Plus, you’ll likely get a free club membership -- which for some exercisers can be a big expense. 

In terms of health, regular exercise is something that pays dividends in and of itself. Still though, it never hurts to increase the amount in your bank account while you’re at it.

Image courtesy Zack Dischner, Flickr

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