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Working as a Chief Youth Development Officer in Dominican Republic


A career as a Chief Youth Development Officer involves a broad range of responsibilities, tasks and planning. In Venezuela, this type of position operates under the remit of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, within the Youth Development Division.

To obtain a position as a Chief Youth Development Officer, it is required that applicants possess the following qualifications, skills and work experiences in order to qualify for the role:

-          Applicants must hold a minimum BSc degree in social work, or a degree within an equivalent field of study

-          It is required that candidates have a minimum of 3 years in a related working environment with at least 2 years in a management position

-          It is imperative for candidates for this type of position to have in-depth knowledge of social work, management and planning

-          Interpersonal skills are key to being successful in a youth development role, particularly as a Chief Youth Development Officer as this involves communicating with people from many different areas of expertise, backgrounds and experiences

-          Report writing is a common requirement for people within a ‘chief’ role, and so it is essential that applicants have the ability to prepare comprehensive reports

Individuals interested in progressing through the youth development sector, to a position as a Chief Youth Development Officer, must be aware of the duties that will expected of them once they hold this type of position.

Some of the most common responsibilities and duties of Chief Youth Development Officers are listed below:

-          Manage, plan and implement youth development service

-          Provide guidance on the implementation of youth development programs

-          Research and determine trends relating to youth social work

-          Play an integral role with government police on youth affairs

-          Provide annual reports

-          Submit and plan annual budgets

-          Act as a liaison and first point of call between governmental organizations and the youth development division

-          Implement youth skills training programs and initiatives

Typical employment benefits

Salaries for Chief Youth Development Positions are usually very attractive (based on pay scale G). There are usually travel expenses and other incentives for bonuses provided annually. As the youth development industry is under the public sector, and therefore regulated by the government, all salaries and benefits are in line with public sector regulations and standards. 

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