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Working During the Rise of the Police-State

As We Work and Watch, It is Happening

Isn’t it just crazy to look at the TV and see all that is happening around us? While we struggle and deal with our own lives and our own jobs and our own symptoms of malaise or adjusting to our ever-changing surroundings. Of course, not everyone considers very much outside of their own little worlds of work and friends and Lady Gaga and selfies. But that doesn’t make the rise of the police-state any less real or far off.

It is happening now. As we go to our jobs and work each week, sometimes working well into the weekend. And maybe the work never stops. But that’s just how the world taught us to function, as it constantly rotates on its axis around the sun. Here on this spinning marble the world’s superpowers are being collectivized into a paramilitary state. And why not? We have so much excess coming back from the fruitless wars fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere abroad. I mean all that shit needs somewhere to go. Otherwise we’re just wasting our tax dollars.

But does this mean for our heavily taxed working-class communities -- as it stands, much of the United States will always be working for its living -- that we must forever live in fear and anxiety of the next riot? The next shooting? The next hapless murder? The next rise of....

I guess so. I guess we just have to live with the way things are.

However, what is currently going on in this country is that many people are seeing the resounding news stories waiting for them once they return home from their jobs. It almost feels like we are somewhat helpless to the rise of this militarization of our police forces. Though not everyone will watch and observe so quietly.

Observations of the Opinionated Responses

Even today, people are so connected with the world and its endless 24/7 news cycle that they can post to their digital social media profiles, announcing their viewpoints and opinions right across the galaxy of the Internet. There’s no telling what that information is actually used for, besides allowing us the arena to voice our concerns -- to say nothing of our narcissism or welcomed reception of being distracted and entertained. But those that understand the police-state being built up around them know better.

And even still, they too are going to work because they have to. Most of us have to. Right? Without work or income or a decent line of credit we could fall to our knees.

Though what happens when the (statistically) wealthiest country on the planet is brought to its knees as it’s working just to provide for their homes and families?

Well, that is happening now.

The jobs, we hope, will keep us safe and secure. And the work that we do will bolster our strengths and maintain our social customs, creating ... something useful and taxable. But we need these jobs in order to operate in a society that is based upon economic principles that have been in place for generations.

The Continuing Breakdown of Society

So as all of that continues to fall apart around us -- will we stick to our jobs when the riots and looting breakdown our local, state and Federal rules of Law? Will we stand together to protect our livelihoods?

That process is being forced upon us, whether we are aware of it or not. And it is worthy to note because it has the potential to totally disrupt our working lives. As events unfold we will continue to bear witness -- from the sidelines -- to the country being dragged and mangled by what Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex.

We are paying for the build-up of our military in conjunction with our municipalities. While certain areas of our society erode the police and the military, to be sure, will be there to fill-in the gaps.

Communities in financial trouble will be relegated and re-defined into a complete police-state status. People are losing their jobs, their retirement, their pensions -- everything that they worked so hard for. Because the governments all across the country, and even around the world, have been financially tethered to greedy and malicious economic principles that don’t have the common everyday man and woman’s best interests at heart. Our leaders and their benefactors have their own interests as their top priority. It’s all a fatuous flux, fucked-up beyond recognition.

And that opens the door wide to the entrenchment and forward march of the police-state.

The Past Must Not Be Forgotten

It is a trap that we have seen before, where the population is kept busied, entertained, apathetic, distracted. Which is unfortunate, considering how most people just want to live, work and be free. The Founders of this country had that clearly in mind while they derived a new form of government, at least for a new country that they had occupied and called their own.

Are we meant to pay for the sins of our forefathers? Or were we meant to live in a society where each individual had the choice to do their work and function in ways that they saw fit?

That choice is still up to us.

Maybe there is intelligent design and reasoning behind the massive manipulations of control that steered this country into an Empire. But while we were working and earning and laboring and living, it seems that the country has shifted into a most secretive malevolence that continues to shock and awe.

And now is the period where we begin to wake up to these facts.

Though will our jobs still be here when the police-state takes over? Some might say that the police-state wouldn’t exist without the jobs. But then those are the types of rebels and infidels taking to the streets or doing something about it.

The rest of us have jobs, better things to do.


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