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Working for the Civil Service of the Republic of Armenia

Individuals seeking a career with the civil service council of the Republic of Armenia (RA) will be required to complete the necessary course at the Public Administration Academy.

The Public Administration Academy was created with the cooperation of the EU TACIS program, to provide a comprehensive training center for specialist mid level and high ranks for staff of the RA government. Essentially the academy provides undergraduate and post graduates courses for a variety of specialist government positions to ensure that candidates are prepared and able to work in conditions of political democracy.

Objectives of the Public Administration Academy:

  • To prepare state officers of mid-high ranks for staff of present, executive bodies and RA government positions

  • To organize the training and education of the enrolled officers

  • To organize conferences and meetings in relation to the Academy’s charter

Entry to the academy is very competitive. Graduates from higher-level educational institutions are eligible to apply, as are individuals who have graduated from high school and who possess a minimum of 2 years civil service experience. Courses are typically 2.5 years in length.

There are several specialist departments within the Public Administration Academy, some of which include:

  •  New technologies of training

  •  International relations

  •  Science & research

  •  Information-analytical,

  •  Juridical service

Education provided at the academy is broad in scope and includes:

  • Public administration an local government

  • Law and legislative processes

  • Political bases of public administration

  • Psychology and social development

  • Armenian, English, French and German languages

  • Public regulation of the economy in Armenia

Upon graduation of the academy, individuals become qualified and fully trained civil servants who can progress in civil service careers at local or central levels in Armenia.  

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