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Working for the National Police Corps of Spain

national police corps spain

 The National Police Corps of Spain is the ‘national civilian police force’ or CNP in Spain. The CNP is responsible for policing urban areas and carries out policing activities under the authority of the Ministry of the Interior.

A career in the National Police Corps will see you dealing with a broad range of policing matters, including criminal, judicial, immigration and terrorism matters. However, the responsibilities of your role will depend on whether you seek a ‘basic scale’ or ‘executive scale’ career.

The main duties of an employee of the National Police Corps include but are not limited to:

  • Working in collaboration with Interpol and Europol

  • Control of private security companies

  • General law enforcement

  • Drug enforcement

  • ID cards and passports

  • Gaming enforcement

  • Immigration, asylum and extradition matters

To join the National Police Corps of Spain, a number of requirements must be met. Below is a summary of the main eligibility criteria that individuals should be aware of:

  • Applicants must hold Spanish citizenship as a result of birth of naturalization

  • Individuals must be between the ages of 18-30

  • Men must be a minimum of 1.65m while women must be a minimum of 1.60m

  • Applicants cannot have a criminal record, nor can they have been dismissed from a public sector/governmental job

  • Individuals must hold a valid driver’s license

  • Applicants seeking positions under the ‘basic’ scale must hold a Certificate in Secondary Education

  • Applicants seeking executive scale positions must hold a degree in technical engineering, technical architecture, or in any other top formation degree area.

Application process:

Candidates are required to pass the following tests in order to gain entry to the National Police Corps training academy:

  • Physical test

  • Aptitude test

  • Volunteer language test

  • Medical examination

  • Multiple-choice exam

  • Interview

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