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Working for the Norwegian Police Service

The official police force under the Minister of Justice and Police in Norway is the Norwegian Police Service. There are 27 police districts in Norway, with 7 national Special Forces. There are an estimated 11,000 employees working for the police service. Each police district has its own police station and district office, as well as a police commissioner who heads the district’s police operations. The Norwegian Police Service works in collaboration with the Norwegian Prosecuting Authority. Together these entities investigate criminal activity and determine whether the case needs to be considered in the court of law.

Individuals who wish to join the Norwegian Police Service must fulfill the necessary criteria and training to become a qualified police official. The following is a brief outline of how to join the police services in Norway:


The Norwegian Police Academy is considered to be the main educational institution for the police service in Norway. This institution is categorized under the Police Directorate, providing individuals with the basic education and training to join the police forces.

The Police Academy offers individuals the opportunity to work for the Norwegian Police Service. This three year course provides relevant theory with regards to working for the police forces, offering training and ad discipline exercises as well. The course is centered on self-study, as well as group work to ensure that individuals learn how to work effectively within a team and as individually.

The following are some of the basic requirements:

  • be a Norwegian national

  • obtain a minimum grade 3 from Norwegian main high school

  • possess a valid class B drivers license

  • have good general health (eye sight and hearing)

  • Good physical state and swimming skills


As a qualified police official, individuals have the opportunity to work in any of the various services provided by the Norwegian Police Service. The following is a outline of some of the services:

  • Dog Service

  • Rider Corps

  • Traffic Police

  • UEH (Rapid Response Unit)

  • Emergency Squad

With the 27 police districts, there are a number of career advancement opportunities available to qualified and trained police officers within Norway. 

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