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Working in Peru’s Legal Sector

legal sector peru

Peru offers an excellent opportunity for law students and legal professionals to gain legal experience as a volunteer or through effective internships with local legal practices in Peru. Below we provide a basic overview of the type of activities a legal volunteer will experience, and they requirements they must satisfy in order to qualify as a legal intern/volunteer in Peru.

Individuals, seeking work experience as a public defender in Peru will experience the following types of activities and tasks:

  • Work to resolve disputes

  • Assist and support individuals in need of legal support but whom do not have the funds to hire legal assistance

  • Handle a variety of difference caseloads including child support cases, property issues, child rights, police harassment, women’s rights etc.

  • Shadow legal experts and lawyers

  • Assist in consultations

  • Learn about the legal system in Peru

  • Prepare documents

  • Attend court sessions

Requirements to satisfy to for an internship or volunteer public defender position include but are not limited to:

  • Be a current law student or legal graduate

  • Have a keen interest in international law

  • Be interested in the Peruvian legal system and society

  • Be between the ages of 18-80 years

  • Commit to a minimum placement of 3 months

  • Possess good Spanish skills

  • Obtain full medical insurance and get the required vaccinations



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