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WORKPLACE / JUL. 22, 2013
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Workplace Habits that you need to Break!

Want to survive in the professional world? Eager to develop your career in 2013? Then polish up on your workplace behaviour by breaking the habits listed below!

Being late

Being late for everything is possibly one of the most frustrating things an employer can experience. Whether you are late for work, late for that all important meeting or late coming back from lunch, focus on putting a stop to it! 

Not only is being late frustrating for your manager, but for your colleagues as well. They will begin to feel resentful towards you for always being late, and will end up feeling that you don’t pull your weight enough. They may also feel like they need to compensate for your lateness by completing some of your work for you.

Not only will this create greater resentment amongst employees, but it may lead to employee complaints, which could land you in trouble and suppress your chances of progressing with your career. So make being late a thing of the past and resolve to make yourself on time, if not early, for workplace commitments.

Working on your personal tasks 

We’ve all been there – desperate to check our bank balance, make a transfer or purchase our nephew’s birthday present online. But many of us have also experienced it from the other perspective – sat beside that annoying colleague who continues to do their food shop online or Google the latest dresses from their favourite website.

Not only is this frustrating for you but it also makes you feel demotivated towards your own workload. So, if you are the one that is doing the personal work during your work day, put an immediate stop to it. Help out a colleague, start planning for your next assignment or try to complete a task that you still have pending.



One of the easiest things in the world to do, but also one of the most pointless. Complaining bores people and wastes unnecessary energy. If you find that you can’t cope with the pressures of work, rather than complaining about them to your colleagues, address them with your manager. In the meantime, stay cool and calm in the workplace and look for your own solutions to your problems. 

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