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Worried About an Assignment Deadline? Buy More Time With ThisTrick!

Although ethically wrong, you can buy more time on an assignment by a simple trick. This trick, however, can only be used when the teacher has asked to send your assignment electronically through email, not if the teacher asks for a hard copy in class. But it also can’t work if your teacher is clever and knows about this hack. This creates a faulty document which cannot be opened and by the time the teacher starts to check your assignment, it would get you enough time to complete it in reality.

The first step to do this, is open a document and type in random text or you can also use some old document which you have no use for. Save the word document and proceed to the next step.

For the next step, you need to open the word document you just saved in notepad. The notepad text will have other symbols and programming jargon which you would not understand.

Third, randomly select some of the programming text and delete it. Don’t delete it all, just a part of it. Save the altered document and attach that document in the mail and mail it to your teacher.

Two days have passed and you have finally completed your assignment. Don’t send it right away, wait for the teacher to mail back to you or say it to you personally in class. What will happen is, that when your teacher opens the attached document in the mail you sent, it will show an error and state that the content has problems. Now if your teacher is smart, he/she might catch you and penalize you for your trick; but if he/she is not and every student is not doing the same thing, you will get spared and your teacher would ask you to send it again or submit a hard copy. By that time you would be ready with your assignment and this simple trick might save you from negative marking for late submission.

Always try to complete your Professional assignments paper on time because this trick might work once, but cannot save you every time. Use this in times of genuine emergencies only and making excuses would not be accepted by the teacher. Nevertheless, if your teacher is not strict, you might be spared anyway if you have a real time issue.

What tricks have you used to ensure you don’t miss deadlines? Share your tricks below!


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