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Worst Phrases Bad Managers Say to their Employees

We all know the characteristics of a bad manger; they are lazy, take credit for other people’s work, are unsupportive, uncommitted and tend to shy from hard work whilst being excellent at delegating it! Being a bad manager will get you nowhere far in your professional career as it is your employees who essentially produce the work that keeps the company making money and you in a job! The worse you are to your staff, the more likely it is that they will quit and leave you with a vast workload that you cannot manage.

If you catch yourself saying any of the below ‘bad-manager’ phrases, then beware – you could be a bad manager and not even realize it!

#1 “I don’t want to hear it, just do it!”

Not paying attention to the opinions of the employee is one of the worst management mistakes of a bad boss.

#2 “If you don’t want to do the work, I’ll find someone else who does!”

Treatening to fill an employee’s job will just force them out the door quicker.

#3 “I don’t pay you to think, I pay you to do as I say”

Treating employees like robots will mean you end up with uncreative work and poor production.

#4 “You will stay at work until this deadline is met”

Not understanding that many employees have families and children to go home to is a big mistake bad bosses make.

#5 “Did you get permission to do that?”

Obsessing about hierarchy and traditional procedures will lose you staff, quickly.

#6 “I don’t want to listen to your complaints”

Ignoring an employee’s work woes will make the problem ten times worse! If you want to keep our staff you must be a problem solver and never bury your head in the sand!

#7 “That was a stupid mistake to make!”

This phrase is considered bad, even for the most terrible of bosses out there. Never ever make your employee feel undervalued, unappreciated or insecure about their self worth as an employee

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